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Shot in My Dreams

by Lan

In my dream I was laying on a sandy floor with a bullet in the opposite place where my heart would be, and I was bleeding to death. All I could do was moan for help as I watched the man who shot me walk away.

The last thing that I saw was my reflection in a glass door as whiteness covered my eyes from all corners. I was crying with the insecurity of death. My face covered with dirt, and my tears only made it worse, and I spoke my last words "I'm such a wimp."

The whiteness finally covered the centres of my eyes.

I've had that same dream from when I was really little and many times since.

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Feb 28, 2011
Unsolicited dream interpretation
by: Anonymous

My unsolicited dream analysis on Shot in my Dreams reveals the following:

The sand floor being laid discloses path in life seems difficult with hindrance that try stop. Somehow if pursued, her romantic episode would fail to accomplish her goal.

The moaning here is about her inner quest for peace, with whiteness representing the Supreme Being will dominate eventually.

The blood & dirt were some of the transgressions committed but will be ultimately wipe out if to seek forgiveness.

Glass door shall mean newness or transparency of life that has to be taken.

Last words spoken is confession of inequities before the Holy One.

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