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Astrological Signs And Love Matches - See Who Has The Best Energy

Have you considered looking at your astrological signs and love matches to find someone who understands you and loves you just for who you are? Locating your soulmate can be difficult and frustrating. You may meet many people who you feel a spark with, only to be disappointed later when they betray you or turn out to be someone quite different than you thought.

Astrology is an ancient art used thousands of years ago by people all over the world from Greece to China to guide not only people, but civilizations through their lives. French psychologist and statistician Gauquelin brought to the scientific world the Mars effect in which he pointed out that there was a link between the planet Mars and the birth of eminent sports champions. And cultural historian Richard Tamas has shown a correspondence between the alignment of the planets and the birth of historical events and influential people.

Your Perfect Love Match Zodiac Signs

This chart showing each of the signs in the horoscopes and their compatibility reveals your best friends and lovers for all astrological signs. Imagine opening a door to finding who would be your greatest relationship matches. Refer to this list to know who one of the most perfect lovers would be.

Chart Of Astrological Signs And Love Matches

Turn to this chart when:

Astrological Compatibility Chart
  • You meet someone new, and you want some insight into your compatibility.
  • Your relationship is going so well, you think it’s too good to be true, and you want a couple of assurances.
  • You are getting married, and you want a long-term outlook.
  • You are going to make a speech at a wedding and you want a good theme.
  • You’re a single horoscope junkie and you want to find out what star sign makes an ideal dating partner for you.

The greatest reason to consult an expert about your zodiac compatibility is that you will have the intelligence in hand to improve all your relationships. Understanding why other people in your life act and react in different ways, prepares you to either change your actions and reactions or have the good sense to distance yourself from certain people.

Why Get Help From An Expert?

In love is a pretty great place to be… until the initial glow starts to fade. You begin to wonder if it is infatuation, sex or worst of all, deception on the other person’s part. Or could it be Real Love?

A reading based on these two zodiac sign love matches can provide the answers to questions about your present relationship. Suppose your relationship has progressed to the point, it is time to have The Talk. Except you have reservations about getting married right now.

If compatibility with one another does not exist in your charts, chances are you won’t enjoy fulfillment or enduring happiness with one another.

Could be you are already married. You were certain this relationship was the real thing. But you are so alike, boredom has set in. Oppositely, you and your partner are so different, you’re constantly bickering.

These are the most popular reasons for getting a consultation on astrological signs and love matches.

And what about couples who are mismatched from the get-go – the spender and saver, the messy and neatnik, the homebody and gadabout, and so on? Does this mean such a relationship is doomed to failure?

Absolutely not. It just means these dubious type matches may need compatibility more than most. If both partners are willing to do the work, a harmonious relationship can be attained. Never think it’s easy. But balance is attainable.

Our thoughts about compatibility usually turn to romantic relationships. Yet there are other relationships that could benefit from a checkup on your astrological signs and love matches. For instance, parent-child dynamics can improve drastically from a compatibility chart. You will receive valuable insights that help you grow as a parent, while your children grow into amazing adults.

You can better understand conflicts with your child and explore ways to improve your communication.

Siblings are so connected some talk in a language only they can understand. But different interests, different friends and disagreements may infringe on your sibling bond to the point you are constantly squabbling. A compatibility reading with your astrologer helps you understand each other better.

Friendships are extra special because unlike family, we choose our friends. Compatibility charts for friends explore your relationship and evaluate possible resolutions in potential conflict areas. You’ll also learn what to expect from this friendship in the future.

What about business relationships? Wouldn't it be useful to know who would be the most compatible person to do business with? 

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Whether or not you know it, you have been living proof of the validity of astrological signs and love matches all the days of your life. Think about your good friends for a moment and then go to the compatibility chart and you will see that you and your friends come from complementary star signs. Reading the information you are given about yourself and your friends when you run a compatibility test you will be astonished at how well, a system developed over three thousand years ago, knows you.

But what about love?

Compatibility is one thing, and being born under a momentous star is always good, but what about romance? How can reports on astrological signs and love matches tell you if you're meant to spend the rest of eternity with someone? Look at your friends again and run tests for compatibility with their successful relationships (and their failed ones). These charts on astrological signs and love matches may seem quick and easy, but they're based on a science that, three thousand years ago, guided the world.

You can even use the ancient Chinese zodiac to test for compatibility. Chinese astrology considers not just the zodiac sign animal that everyone is familiar with, but the elemental metal signs, water signs, wood signs, fire signs and earth signs that guide our lives, as well. Using the information of your birth and the 5 elements they will be able to determine if you are with someone well matched for you. (Air signs are not taken into account here)

For more expert advice a simple test for compatibility will have you give your astrological sign and the sign of your lover to the reader who will give you a brief overview of your sun signs and how well they match. A more detailed reading will take into account not just the star sign, but the stars themselves. They will ask for the date of your birth as well as the hour, minute, and second. With this knowledge they are able to more accurately match and read things the stars show for you.

Astrological Signs And Love Matches

In order to find true love, you must first love yourself, flaws and all. Learning to love yourself is one area that psychic love advice can help you. Everyone has lessons to learn and unmet karmic responsibilities. Too often we seek the most popular answers to our questions, problems and life lessons by looking to other sources rather than finding the solutions to our problems from within. Looking to another individual for what you lack seldom turns out well.

There will always be people who are skeptical about compatible signs in astrology. But so many people have turned to the stars again and again to help them find their way in life and love. Ronald Reagan was a firm believer in the power of the stars, as is Britney Spears and Robert Downey, Jr. Even Shirley Temple Black had been outspoken in her use of astrology in her daily life. If these people have found love, luck, and fortune with the stars, why can't you?

We are all looking for that one person we are meant to spend the rest of our lives with, and we all want to make sure that this one is the right one. The stars have guided lovers for thousands of years, and they are here, waiting to guide you. And remember, when looking at astrology for love matches you can use either Chinese or Western astrology. They both use the stars of your birth to discover the answer to your questions about astrological signs and love matches.

Astrology Love Matches

What you carry inside you each day, deep in your soul, are the feelings that attract another individual. If those feelings are shame, insecurity, or self-loathing, you'll attract someone that will confirm and prey on your weaknesses. Working on yourself and your destiny first helps make you whole and when you're whole and happy deep inside, that quality will attract the right person at just the right time.

Figuring out these signs for astrological compatability can help direct you in your journey for self-awareness and wholeness and once that's accomplished, provide you with the days and times to seek out love. Perhaps a psychic relationship expert can advise you to veer off the beaten path and go to a place unfamiliar on a specific day for a positive romantic encounter. You might have otherwise ignored the opportunity had you not been alerted, and it could be the key to a lifetime of happiness. On the same note, your consultation may indicate a romantic disappointment if a relationship starts on a specific day, which helps you steer clear of disaster.

Timing is everything and knowing when you're most likely to find your soulmate is important. It doesn't mean you should stay hidden away from the public on other days, for there's more to life than just romance. Social events can hold opportunities in business, personal growth and friendships, who eventually could play an important part in fulfilling your romantic destiny, too. Everything and everyone you encounter has something to offer. Even if you go a long period of time without finding your true love, it may be because you need to work on other parts of your life first before any relationship can be successful.

Finding a compatible person at the right time in your life can mean happiness for the rest of your life. If you think you've found the right one, you may appreciate an expert who specializes in astrological signs and love matches who can create a compatibility chart to see if your new love is really your true love. That doesn't mean that two people with a few negative aspects can't be happy together. That's up to the two individuals and how hard they both want to work. The more compatible you are with your love, the easier it is to make the relationship successful. However, a very negative compatibility chart might be telling you to cut your losses and run, rather than waste time that might make you miss meeting Mr or Ms. Right.

Astrological Compatibility Charts

What are the zodiac signs of celebrity couples?

You will find some interesting clues to zodiac compatibility when comparing the star signs of celebrity couples. Both famous relationship successes and failures. Here are a few to get you going:

  • Richard Burton (Scorpio) and Elizabeth Taylor (Pisces)
  • Oprah Winfrey (Aquarius) and Stedman Graham (Pisces)
  • Goldie Hawn (Scorpio) and Kurt Russell (Pisces)
  • David Beckham (Taurus) and Victoria Beckham (Aries)
  • George Clooney (Taurus) and Amal Clooney (Aquarius)
  • Katharine Hepburn (Taurus) and Spencer Tracy (Aries)
  • Denzel Washington (Capricorn) and Pauletta Pearson (Libra)
  • ​John Lennon (Libra) and Yoko Ono (Aquarius)
  • Ellen DeGeneres (Aquarius) and Portia de Rossi (Aquarius)
  • Tom Hanks (Cancer) and Rita Wilson (Scorpio)
  • Tiger Woods (Capricorn) and Elin Nordegren (Capricorn)
  • Brad Pitt (Sagittarius) and Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius)
  • Brad Pitt (Sagittarius) and Angelina Jolie (Gemini)

What zodiac signs go well together?

  • Aries and Aquarius - for excitement and adventure.
  • Taurus and Cancer - for appreciation and understanding.
  • Gemini and Aquarius - for creativity and independence.
  • Cancer and Pisces - for nurturing and bonding.
  • Leo and Sagittarius - for passion and encouragement.
  • Virgo and Taurus - for integrity and simplicity.
  • Libra and Gemini - for intellectual understanding and appreciation.
  • Scorpio and Cancer - for devotion and steaming passions.
  • Sagittarius and Aries - for endurance and togetherness.
  • Capricorn and Taurus - for respect and adoration.
  • Aquarius and Gemini - togetherness and understanding.
  • Pisces and Scorpio - for psychical romance and intellectual connection.
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