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What Is Akashic Reading And How Does It Work?

What Is Akashic Reading?

  • An Akashic Records reading is a profound spiritual experience that can unlock the mysteries of your soul's journey across all lifetimes. It is a gateway to accessing the Akashic Records - a vibrational archive said to contain the complete history of every soul and the cosmos itself.

How Does An Akashic Records Reading Work?

  • During this sacred practice, an Akashic Records reader attunes to your unique energetic signature and taps into this metaphysical dimension. They become a conduit, retrieving powerful insights about your past lives, soul purpose, relationships, talents, and the challenges you've transcended.

What Can The Akashic Records Reveal For Me?

  • An Akashic reading can reveal the deeper meaning behind your present circumstances and illuminate your highest path forward. It's an opportunity to gain clarity, healing, and inspiration directly from the source of all knowledge.

If you feel called to peer into the cosmic records of your soul's evolution, an Akashic Records reading can be a transformative, enlightening experience. It offers profound validation of your eternal nature and your intrinsic connection to the infinite wisdom of the universe.

You can align yourself with your highest spiritual intentions with Akashic Readings. You understand there is more to life. If you often wonder why you are here on earth, at this particular time, you will want to know your soul’s purpose with the help of an akashic records reader.

What Is An Akashic Records Reading?

The world's most famous psychic for reading the Akashic records is Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) – AKA The Sleeping Prophet. With forty years of documented readings from the Akashic Records Edgar's legacy is on file at his Association for Research and Enlightenment in the USA.

Today, a psychic, with the extra sensory perception to read the akashic records a.k.a. The Book of Life, is a hidden gem. Every thought, word and deed is recorded in the Akashic Repository. Accessing the akashic records can be thought of as reading everything ever to have occurred in the past (as well as what is destined to happen in your future). Anything, all things, written or verbal, the past, the present, the future, past lives, current life, is contained in these Celestial Records. They are imprinted on akasha or ‘soniferous ether’ and ‘filed’ on the etheric level.

Excepting for those, who are highly developed spiritually, the Akashic Records are abstruse. Your Akashic psychic can open information concerning your wellness, career and family and delve into your past lives. She can evaluate your Soul’s Journey in the current incarnation, i.e., reveal life lessons you contracted and may not have conquered, disclose your unique talents and gifts that will make your soul sing and suggest steps to foster your personal and spiritual growth. In addition, past occurrences and potential futures are stored.

What Is Akashic Reading?

Askash is a Sanskrit word to describe the universal etheric field in which a blueprint for your specific soul’s journey through its many lives is imprinted. These specialized psychic readings can open a whole new paradigm of exciting possibilities, which will monumentally enrich your life. Nuggets of personality will be revealed that provide the essence of your personal and professional life. You will find the larger truth of who you are, with information about your strengths, and primary life lessons to conquer during this incarnation.

An Akashic records reader can help uncover your Soul’s Purpose - the thing that you can do in a unique way from everybody else on the planet – i.e. artistic, motivator, communicator, teacher, healer, leader. This is not to indicate you will manifest these and other great spiritual gifts in one lifetime. You must follow the path with heart.

Once pertinent information is gathered, your psychic will dig out root causes of your negative habits, such as substance abuse, eating disorders and assign exercises that help you live a more purposeful life.

Just imagine how refreshing it will be to stop viewing life through the rear-view mirror and align yourself with highest spiritual intentions!

Suppose you are faced with a major life change – should you take that job transfer to another state, another country – is it the right time to marry your romantic partner – is that house you are considering for purchase right for you? Your Akashic reader can help clear up your confusions.

Perhaps you simply desire to ‘know thyself’. You will get relevant information you need to hear at the time.

What is Akashic Reading?

To begin the actual reading, your psychic will enter a resonant state of mind, open the Records with a sacred prayer, and then you may ask your questions about anything and everything. . Understanding your Akashic Records is believed to be among the most potent tools currently accessible on earth to help you remember Oneness.

If you’re ready to access the akashic records, you may like to experience the wisdom firsthand through the online events listed below.

Learn To Be An Akashic Reading Expert

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Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified

Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified
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