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Snake River

Psychic Channel for Spirit Guides

As a child Snake River noticed several things about the world and himself that did not make sense. He did not cry when it seemed appropriate to do so.

When people talked he could see 'in behind' their words and the difference between what they said and who they really were. When he tried to talk to his parents about what he saw and felt, they told him he was ridiculous and to keep quiet. At Christmas he was accused of peeking because he knew what was in the gifts before they were opened. Since that time he learned to act surprised when it was expected of him.

He felt overwhelmed with energy and tried to avoid the 'noise.' Several times during his young life he was 'visited' by entities or energies that were 'not of this world.' He thought he was going crazy because there was no validation in the outside world. Again he tried to talk about what was happening to him, but was told he was dreaming or imagining things. Spirits were going through his apartment, moving furniture, changing radio stations, or just walking through walls. He heard and felt things that had no visible source. He 'knew' things without doubt, and without explanation. By the age of 22, he knew he could not avoid it any longer. It wasn't going away.

With acceptance came growth and responsibility. A journey of self discovery had begun. Walking through the woods he could 'feel' the life energy of the grass and the trees. Listening to people he could hear the unspoken truth behind the words. He still had no explanation for the knowledge he accessed, but used it to help people see themselves and move through blocked energy.

With the ability to see past and future, he was able to reach people that were labeled 'hopeless.' He began working with street kids, addicts and people with disabilities. There were times when the overload of information caused him to 'breakdown', as he had not learned to protect himself from outside energy.

Some people received his help with gratitude and appreciation. Others resented his seeing into their secrets and refused to accept his insight. He then learned that even if people ask for help they aren't necessarily ready to hear the answers.

Over the last several years, his discovery of meditation and expanding his knowledge through reading and discussion, have helped Snake River focus and perfect his gift. He is able to channel Spirits who had been trying to get his attention for years. With a direct connection, he provides clear interpretations of Spirit and our Soul's journey on the path to Oneness. People seek his special ability to cut trough the noise and get to the Truth behind the difficulties they face.

His ability to access the fear behind people's behavior has enabled families to overcome resentment and long lasting feuds have ended. Souls who have passed on use him to relay information to their loved ones on Earth, clearing up family mysteries from years past.

Snake River - Psychic

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The name Snake River was a gift from his Spirit Guide, received while lying on the banks of a river in the summer of 1995. He was born under the sign of the Snake in First Nation Astrology. Also, he was born in Rivers, Manitoba and is a water sign.

An Exceptionally Skillful Psychic, is a clear channel for contacting spirit guides. He helps people deal with every aspect of their daily lives, from education to employment, child rearing to deceased parents, romance, money, travel and health. There is no area of life, or death, that he cannot access. 

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