Advertising Psychic Services

Advertising Psychic Services (for free) in ways that will bring you more clients. (on or off my website)

Promoting yourself effectively on is achieved with a Psychic Guest Postfree advertorial page.

This can improve your own website's rankings by receiving an inbound one-way link to your site. Or if you use one of the main psychic service providers I can link direct to your profile providing you with a consistent and highly targeted audience. 

(If you are not yet set up as a reader go to my psychic jobs page for more help).

So what is an advertorial promotion on ?

You will need to provide an exclusive article (must not be published elsewhere on the web) about the benefits of using your service or product. This is not a blatant advert; your Psychic Guest Post needs to provide something interesting to attract the reader to the page.

Here’s what you want to achieve.

You want to attract the reader to you, this is achieved by providing some information that is:

  • Unique
  • Valuable
  • and Interesting

Whatever you do, don’t just copy and paste what you have written already on your own website or portal's profile page. Duplicate content is penalized by the search engines, it will do you no good!

Be prepared to give freely of yourself. If you try to manipulate your content by holding back on the gems and insights you have, it will severely weaken your article.  Not sure about being a Go-Giver? – read this!

By providing real value in your psychic guest post you will pull the interest to you.

When your advertorial page is built it is listed in the psychic search engine and announced by RSS and syndicated across the web giving excellent exposure over and above the coverage of my website. An intro will also appear in the top position of my Psychic Blog - the ‘What’s New’ Page.

Advertising Psychic Services

Here is an excellent example of advertorial promotion 

Please read these psychic ads guidelines before compiling your article for posting on this site.

Here are more tips for writing an Exceptionally Skillful Psychic Advertorial

OK, ready to get started?

Here's where I can publish your Psychic Guest Posts

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