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Spiritual Advisor

by Joyce Advisor
(Chicago, Illinois)

Have you ever wondered where life is going to take you? Of course! Everyone has.

With questions like, Am I going to get that job? Is your significant other really the right one for you? Will I get the money I need to pay the bills? The cards know and I am proficient in reading them.

If you want to know if you and your significant other will work things out? The outcome can be changed by your actions along with the knowledge you have gained. You can change an answer to question from a yes to a no, may very well change no into yes knowledge is power.

I have a variety of Tarot decks and the skills to utilize them in order to get you the answers you seek. I also have a variety of tools at my disposal and the skills to utilize them in order to get what your looking for.

I use Tarot, crystal energies, and numerology as part of my repertoire. I am also a skilled life coach, and a psychic healer. I can use energies to do a remote healing as well.

The only promise I make is the truth. Good, bad, or ugly, I will always tell you what you need to know, and not what you want to hear. I will tell you what the cards show in your present, past and future. Honesty is always the best policy. I will not only tell you the answer you seek as your path predicts it, but also make you aware of the obstacles in your path that are hindering you from attaining your goals. It is my goal to empower you with all the information available to help you find the right path.

If you are open minded to what the cards have in store for you, and you are prepared to hear nothing but the truth, hit me up. The answers you seek are out there, and I have the tools to help you find them. I have been doing this for years professionally. Born with the gifts.

Contact me via email: JoyceAdvisor000 @ gmail .com

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