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Suicide Running Away

by Olivia
(United States)

My dream started out with me going on vacation with my Grandparents. One moment we were in their house, the next in some sort of amusement park. I ended up becoming separated from them, and bumped into a strange young child with odd, different shaped black pupils. She told me to run, and I sensed great urgency around me.

I was suddenly in a room with my best guy friend (and a bit of romantic interest) and we knew we had to get to the next "level" to keep the world from imploding or something. However, in order to get to the last level, we either had to kill ourselves, or fall asleep. Luckily we fell asleep. When we awoke, we were in a completely different place, and continued running from something. We came to a couch and sat down. We had no time to go to sleep this time, so I grabbed a shaving razor and slashed my throat about 3 times.

As I faded out, he did the same (suicide happened on a few levels before this, but it was with a thumb tack to the heart, or jumping off a balcony). We next found ourselves in an amusement park again, in a booth next to the creepy odd-eyed child again. She just stared at us, and said nothing. I suddenly found myself in a water park, completely naked and searching for my friend, with a large desire to go to the top of a watch tower where masses of people were going to.

It never happened, seeing as I suddenly poofed back to my Grandparent's house, and acted as though I had a lovely vacation. I never knew what happened to my friend.

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