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by Nathan
(Heber UT)

In my dream I was at the bottom of a mountain range at dark and all I kept thinking was I needed to climb up the mountain to watch the sunrise. So I’m getting close to the top and start coming along a path.

There were people walking along the path in weird futuristic clothing one of them helps me to the path, and I’m on my way to see the sunrise, I kept climbing and was almost to the top when the sun rose and there was the moon too. As soon as I realized what I was looking at I wanted a closer look.

All of a sudden I started floating towards the moon and the sun. As I got closer they were no longer big and there were other colored planets farther into space.

What I was thinking is I had to relay what I was seeing back to earth, when I was thinking that I looked to my left, and there was one of the futuristic looking people floating along side of me. I told them everything without words and then I woke up.

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