Tarot Horoscopes

There are several ways of looking at a Tarot Horoscope.

So, if you are looking for a Tarot Horoscope Spread, you can use the following in a variety of layout shapes. 

Alternatively you can see the Astrological Tarot Correspondences, as revealed lower down the page, and use them as your zodiacal talismans.

The Tarot Horoscope Spread

Card position 1 is Aries and relates to Personality

  • (Keywords: charisma, charm, identity, makeup, nature, psyche, self, temper, temperament, complexion, disposition, dynamism, emotions, individuality, magnetism, singularity, likableness, selfdom, selfhood) 

Card position 2 is Taurus and relates to Financial Security

  • (Keywords: commercial, economic, fiscal, monetary, banking, budgeting, business, numbers, numeric, pecuniary, pocket)

Card position 3 is Gemini and relates to Far Horizons

  • (Keywords: travel, confines, environment, surroundings, location, vacation, territory)

Card position 4 is Cancer and relates to Family

  • (Keywords: clan, folk, group, house, household, people, tribe, ancestors, birth, brood, children, class, descendants, descent, dynasty, network, relationship, relatives, kin)

Card position 5 is Leo and relates to Creativity

  • (Keywords: cleverness, genius, imagination, imaginativeness, ingenuity, inspiration, inventiveness, originality, resourcefulness, talent, vision)

Card position 6 is Virgo and relates to Health

  • (Keywords: energy, fitness, strength, well-being, pleasure, enjoyment, zest)

Card position 7 is Libra and relates to Relationships

  • (Keywords: partnerships, personal or business associations, romance, love, company, tribe)

Card position 8 is Scorpio and relates to Others

  • (Keywords: mystery, ending, beginning, extra)

Card position 9 is Sagittarius and relates to Inner Self

  • (Keywords: beliefs, philosophy, attitude, mood, perspective, mindset, opinion, being, character, personality, essence, spirit, ego, identity, temperament)

Card position 10 is Capricorn and relates to Doing

  • (Keywords: aim, ambition, eagerness, endeavor, inclination, longing, objective, passion, wish, yearning)

Card position 11 is Aquarius and relates to Potential

  • (Keywords: hopes, wishes, desires)

Card position 12 is Pisces and relates to Sacrifice

  • (Keywords: restriction, danger, relinquishment, surrender)

Astrological Tarot Correspondences

Another way of looking at the Tarot and Horoscopes is to see what Tarot Cards are associated with each star sign. This way certain cards can become your zodiacal talismans.

Aquarius – The Star - plus 5,6,7 and King of Swords

Pisces – The Moon – plus 8,9,10 and Knight of Swords

Aries – The Emperor – plus 2,3,4 and Queen of Wands

Taurus – The Hierophant – plus 5,6,7 and King of Pentacles

Gemini – The Lovers – plus 8,9,10 and Knight of Swords

Cancer – The Chariot – plus 2,3,4 and Queen of Cups

Leo – Strength – plus 5,6,7 and King of Wands 

Virgo – The Hermit – plus 8,9,10 and Knight of Pentacles

Libra – Justice – 2,3,4 and Queen of Swords

Scorpio – Death – plus 5,6,7 and King of Cups

Sagittarius – Temperance – plus 8,9,10 and Knight of Wands

Capricorn – The Devil – plus 2,3,4 and Queen of Pentacles

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