The Romance Psychic

by Roberta R
(Eugene Minn)

I actually saw him written about here before and although I was not a member of keen at that time I went ahead and joined just so that I could speak with this amazing psychic. His keen name is psychicandrew but from what I see on the web most refer to him as a romance psychic or to be more accurate The Romance Psychic and well he is.

I speak to him every week and he has helped me rope in my guy. I like his very straightforward approach but he is very clear and detailed. I don't mention very much when I call because other psychics use that to read me but Andrew just knows. He remembers me immediately and tells me whats going on before I can even say a word.

I guess I am a bit of a psychic junkie and still call a few but mostly I call this man because he really helps.

I had a huge fight with my guy and weeks went by without him calling. I called Andrew and Andrew told me a few things and ended the call by telling me that unless I called my guy, unless I reached out to him now and stopped being stubborn that Andrew wouldn't even read for me. Wow refreshing to say the least.

I broke down and called my guy even though other psychic told me I should wait for him to call, well to make a long story Short we are now back together doing great. If I would have waited for my guy to call me I would still be waiting. I cant recommend Andrew enough if your looking for the truth, and solutions to your relationship problems.

He read on keen but you can get to his listing on keen by his website but you need to be a member of keen. I noticed a banner on this site to join so you should do that first.

Thank you psychic junkie for leading me to that perfect psychic who is real.

Click this link to visit Andrew the Romance Psychic on

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Jul 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

I see a lot of great reviews on this psychic but I wasn't really impressed by my reading.

Aug 17, 2012
He really is the best psychic
by: Anonymous

I just had a reading with this amazing psychic. I saw him recommended on your site and had to call him. OMG..he hit everything perfectly without even asking me any questions, did not waste time, and gave me some great advice that from a male psychic was different than any advice I had received before. It already worked. I can only say this about Psychic Andrew. If you are looking for a real psychic reading, the truth, honest answers and predictions then do not waste you time with anyone else. he is the real thing

Dec 25, 2010
Psychic Andrew Is Amazing
by: Anonymous

He is as good as it gets. You can also speak with him free in a chat room a free one at that, located at

Google him or The Romance psychic and you will see what everyone is talking about.

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