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Third Eye Gazing

by Tabitha
(Newport,CA, USA)

One morning for no reason at all I told my boyfriend at the time to sit across from me on the floor it; was very early in the morning I would say about 5:30 to 6am. We sat cross legged and I told him not to move. When this started happening I had no psychic training and had no idea what I was doing, it was almost like my body told me what to do.

With no lights on in the room, only the early morning sun breaking through the windows, I began to look at his face. I started to stare and as I watched his face it began to change. I saw him from a young child to an adult to an old man. I continued to watch then the colors of the universe began to appear and pictures began to form around him. The images I saw went from an orange tiger to a bright green snake curling down the side of his nose.

As this all happened I told him exactly what I was seeing. But one thing I saw at the end of this experience I didn't tell him. When it was all over he said “you didn't see the phoenix?” I told him no. But I had seen the phoenix and for some reason, (maybe just to tell my self I wasn't crazy), my body told me not to tell him this one particular thing.

I said to him I wanted to make sure what I saw was real. But I did see the phoenix and all its glory. I have no idea what this all meant but I have looked all over the internet to find out more about what I did but I can’t find anything. Since that experience, any time I tried to talk about it, my stomach became upset, (like I wanted to vomit), so until I can find a good teacher I will not continue third eye gazing unprepared.

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Apr 10, 2019
Gazing and third Eye gazing are different
by: Tabitha

Update on this. I have still not done any third eye gazing. I think I might try it again soon. With a close more open and positive friend just overall a good person. I'll try and update another comment I wrote this a long time ago. I'm still searching for answers. I have evolved as a person and only help people when they need it.

Sep 24, 2013
Me ,too
by: Anonymous

I did an Alpha course in Australia and one of the exercises involved staring/gazing into another persons eyes.

In my case the other persons appearance changed dramatically!!!.

[The instructor told me that no one had reported that happening before].

I have continued to experiment with this,and have found that it happens with most other people I have tried it with.

Usually I see their face change....and a second or 2 later they see my appearance change[too]. [but it doesn't seem to work in reverse,meaning I prompt it to happen,other people I have tried it with...cant make it happen,themselves]

It can seriously freak people out,if they don't know its going to happen.

[I did a search looking for info and found nothing,just happen to look here and saw the post/comments]

I have been told it can indicate spiritual development ......but why it happens,and for what purpose is still partly a mystery to me.

I believe "their" appearance can show you what spiritual state they are in.

IE.... how they look will often tell you what flaws they may have in their character,greedy, jealous, spiteful etc.
Some can look quite animalist or like they are deformed.
I also get a feeling/impression of what they are like emotionally & spiritually,when it happens.

I have seen my own appearance change & improve over time[after I did spiritual work/payer etc].

So it can change.

I'll check in later to see if anyone had added a comment.

Jan 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

I don't know how old this post is... I have also done this with others. Close friends or close romantic connections seem to result in better test subjects... Because they are a reflection of yourself in other many ways. I have seen beautiful landscapes and waterfalls. Sunrises and sunsets. Ghostly sculls... I'd like to lean more about this as well! I think he key lies within yourself and practicing

Aug 12, 2010
by: Fadee


I recently completed a course on Gazing... That gave me power to make anyone do anything just by looking in their eyes...
If you want more info, my email is spiritsallaround @

Mar 12, 2008
The Phoenix
by: Anonymous

The phoenix means rebirth,,,,rising from the ashes or flames

Mar 01, 2008
Any one heard of people doing this?
by: tabitha

I'm just curious to know if any one has heard of any one doing this before or if any one has an expert they know of any information would be very useful to me. Thank you and peace on earth.

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