The Hawaiian Chakra System Sees An Aura Of 7 Islands

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When you feel the Hawaiian chakra system’s magic energy resonating with your own life force you can appreciate higher levels of consciousness. While on your next spiritual adventure if you travel to each island you will find its unique energy mirrors one of your own power centers. 

The Hawaiian Chakra System - Seven main Hawaiian Islands. Seven main body chakras. Energy of each island resonates with a different body chakra. The Hawaiian Islands have been dubbed the Chakra System of the Planet.

But, suppose you don’t have the time and/or money for all the island-hopping? For effective use of your finances and available time, make a list of the chakras you want to synchronize, with #1 the most important to #7 the least important.

Now, suppose your current practice involves fully opening and developing 3rd eye capabilities. If so, your journey to Hawaii should begin on Kauai Island.

The Hawaiian Chakra SystemThe Hawaiian Chakra System

Something to Remember: A longstanding belief says that if Kauai (or any of the islands in the Hawaiian Chakra System) embraces you, it permits you to remain as long as you desire. However, unless the islands feel you are pure of heart and come with authentic intentions, they will repel you. 

Each Island Of The Hawaiian Chakra System

Hawaii | MauiLanaiMolokaiOahuKauaiNiihau

Hawaii (Big Island) resonates with the Root Chakra

Within the Hawaiian chakra system this island is the largest and its chakra vibe is accountable for grounding you to the earth during your soul journey. It is believed the spirit world is more palpable here than anywhere else in the world, as the island will rise up to meet you wherever you are on the path.

Also of note for the Big Island:

  • Puako Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve contains more than a thousand petroglyphs, which were carved on lava rocks by the ancients. 
  • Kailua-Kona is alive with ancestor energy, as several ancient kings lived there. 
  • A statue of King Kamehameha is in the town of Kapaau. Known as Hawaii’s great warrior, he lived in Waipio, the valley of the kings. 
  • Waipio Valley is a sacred preservation site. It is here the spiritual traditions of Old Hawaii are orally passed along from one generation to the next. 
  • King Kamehameha commissioned construction of Mookini in honor of Ku, the war god. 
  • Mookini Heiau State Monument was originally where human sacrifices were implemented in honor of the gods. 
  • The Naha Stone is a don’t miss. This two-ton boulder is situated in front of the Hilo Public Library. Legend has it, the person who lifted the stone and turned it over would unite the islands and become ruler. King Kamehameha I purportedly succeeded.

Maui vibrates with earth energy of the Sacral Chakra

This island's energy is related to our creativity. This island is rich in oranges, reds and yellows that stimulate creativity, from the awesome cerise sunsets to tropical fruits of many colors. 

Also of note for Maui:

  • Excepting the Big Island, Maui is the largest of the main islands of Hawaii. 
  • Iao Valley State Park is the site of the iconic Iao Needle. Native Hawaiians recognize it as the phallic stone of kanaloa, ocean god. The Iao Needle formerly served as an altar.
  • Pu-u Keka’a aka Black Rock is in the middle of Ka-anapali Beach. Legend has it that after the soul leaves the body, it climbs Pu’u Keka’a and leaps into the spiritual dimension. 

Lanai resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra

Lanai's vortex is all about self-confidence and personal power. Lanai translates to ‘conquest of the sun’, so that the energy of this island is filled with love and light. This is the smallest of the main islands.

Also of note for Lanai:

  • Pu’u Pehe aka Sweetheart Rock is where Princess Pehe and Makakehau, a warrior, met their tragic deaths. The princess drowned in a big storm. The warrior buried her on top of Sweetheart Rock and then, scaled the huge rock and flung himself into the sea.

Molokai vibrates to the Heart Chakra

“Mother Molokai” emits feminine energy. As the ‘heart of Hawaii’, you will feel the love as she embraces you.

Also of note for Molokai:

  • Molokai is spoken of as the “Most Hawaiian Island”, because more native Hawaiians live on Molokai than the other islands. (exception – Ni’ihau, privately-owned).  
  • It is also the sole island that was never overpowered. Physical force wasn’t used to protect Molokai, it was protected by spiritual power. Shamans have trained there. 

Oahu represents the Throat Chakra

Oahu is known as ‘the voice of the islands’, which is apropos, as the islanders gather here. 

Also of note for Oahu:

  • Kaneana Cave is a must-see. Legend has it the earth goddess gave birth to mankind in Kaneana Cave.
  • Honolulu is the state's capitol city.
  • Oahu's Kapaemahu Stones - AKA wizard stones, Kapaemahu, Kahaloa, Kapuni and Kinohi reportedly hold the mana, or power, of four wizards from Tahiti. Legends say before they went home, the wizards gifted the natives with these four stones, which they had infused with their healing powers. 

Kauai Island resonates with your 3rd Eye Chakra

Kauai is the Island of Intuition. The oldest Hawaiian island, seekers have long found Kauai an incredibly beautiful and serene place for meditation. Natives call this island Mama Kauai, likely because she exudes feminine energy. True to her intuitive powers, she shows you things about yourself you’ve never known before. It wouldn’t be unusual for Mama Kauai to unveil your spiritual gift (aka true calling). Mystical, yes. Unusual, no.

Ni’ihau vibrates at the energy of the Crown Chakra

This island's pristine and natural beauty parallels with our crown chakra's vibrant white/violet light. 

  • Ni’ihau, was long known as the ‘Forbidden Island”. 
  • It is privately owned. Kamehameha V. sold the island to Elizabeth Sinclair-Robinson for $10,000 in gold in 1864. The majority of its inhabitants are Robinsons.
  • Imagine a place in this modern world, which technology and time literally forgot. This island is without hotels, restaurants, stores, cars, paved roads, police, doctors, firemen or indoor plumbing. Formerly, ‘invitation only’, travelers can now visit via helicopter or guided tours.

Final Word on the Hawaiian Chakra System

Visit one, visit all. The Hawaiian Islands vibrate at a ‘5th dimensional frequency’, which seems to swallow up your-physical-self. Knowing something is greater than you are triggers a feeling of humbleness and sensation of total awareness.

Wherever you are on The Path, The many Islands within the Hawaiian Chakra System will connect with you and serve as your spiritual guide.

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