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Tiny Angels

Guardian Angels and Pet Angels

Mystic Katie tells us that Tiny Angels are children of course. Those who have lost a child need not mourn; they become ‘Little Angels’ and yes they are with you.

Guardian Angels: Now the guardian angels look over the tiny angels and over all of us. Most people do not realize that we all have a guardian angel. You must look for the signs. Have you ever come close to having a serious accident or episode and wondered why and what stopped it just in time? A recent client came to me for a reading because he was very depressed. He was out of work and had lost both his home and car. He was walking down a busy road and decided he was going to step out in front of a tractor trailer truck. He said something pulled him back. He could not explain it. That was his guardian angel. I did a reading for him and found the angels were gathered all about him. Having identified a guardian angel and staying well connected with him, he now is a believer with the new found energy and attitude to rebuild his life.

Pet Angels: Yes there are pet angels as well. Have you wondered what happens when your pet passes away? Do not fret. In Heaven, there is a place called "Rainbow Bridge". Our animals cross over this bridge and there they have a beautiful warm place to play and run free, safely and with plenty of food and water. Then when you come to heaven you will pass over that bridge and redeem your pets to come and be with you always. 

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Tiny Angels

I am an Angel Intuitive; angels contact me because I am very spiritual and I truly believe. You must stop and think very hard so you can believe as well. These angels are with you all the time. When you truly believe and connect you realize you have a collection of angels all over your house. You can learn to talk to them every day. How do they talk to you? You can meet them in your dreams and, with practice, in waking consciousness also. It can help if you begin a connection with a reading with an angel intuitive like myself, your angels can help me to help you be at peace.

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