by Jeremiah
(Minnesota )

In my dream, me and a girl that I knew, we're looking for someone to hang out with. I stayed the night at her house, and we woke up to people screaming.

We were in a giant building with a few of our other friends. A man that we saw on the street before began talking to us. We were knocked out, and woke up again in a room where we were strapped to chairs. We saw someone coming towards us with a knife, somehow we got away, but we got caught again.

When we woke up again we were all in a dark room, around a table. A large man in a black robe came out with a knife, he put the knife down, and strapped one of our friends to the table. The man in the robe walked towards my friend on the table with the knife. Before he started to cut him, me and my other friends grabbed bottles with strong acid in it, and threw them at him. The acid burned his skin and he dropped the knife. This gave us enough time to run.

We walked out of a large door that led into a mall. When we ran away from the door into the mall, we turned back around and the saw man who was on the street. He was talking to the security guards, and it became clear that the mall is just a disguise to hide what actually happens.

Me and my friends ran in opposite directions, a security guard eventually saw me, but I ran from them. I eventually found the exit. When I got outside the guard who was chasing me told me the she was chasing me to make sure that I made it out of the building.

Outside were two of the friends that made it out. We got in a car, and drove to a store to use a phone. (Can't remember anything after that).

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