Touched By An Angel

by Nicole H.

I was a bit of a tomboy and nature nut, I loved to draw strange things like heart people and hearts with rings like Saturn around them and was obsessed with eyes and anything that had to do with love and nature. Of course I had Christianity forced upon me by mother and grandmother (I had an absent father) and my indigo brother was also in same predicament.

Me and my brother always asked questions about Christianity. "Who is God? “ “Who is Jesus?" “Why can’t we do this and that?” We both had so many questions about life and God and Christianity and all religious groups. But the in-the-box thinkers around could never answer us, they would say how dare we and put guilt upon us?

At the age of 10 we moved to Las Vegas from Canada where I’m originally from. At first I was sad to leave family and friends and the 'home' that I knew. But as years past I met new people and had a few friends, I adjusted as any teen would.

I started to ditch school and party. I could never focus in class (as most indigos) I was promiscuous which I found to be because of my absent father. I craved male attention. My mother was an alcoholic and it progressed after she married an abusive alcoholic man when I was 13. (That marriage ended 4 years later)

I prostituted at 17 and then in October 2008 at the age of 18 I met my baby’s father. This is where my life changed forever.

One of the first things he ever told me was "I will make you see the cosmos”. I laughed that off. Even though I somehow understood what he meant. He continued to tell me I was a goddess and to always look people in their eyes because it’s my power.

About a month and a half later I found out I was pregnant. I was VERY surprising because I had a boyfriend of 3 years prior and we never used protection. But anyhow, I guess the gods needed our DNA together. He continued to fill my mind with the knowledge I was so eager to have.

My awakening was beginning. I began smoking weed a lot and watching hours of youtube vid's on illuminati, freemasonry, god, hell, spirituality, aliens, gods, and Mother Nature. I even took some interest in Wicca, magic, other realms, brainwashing, dna reconstruction etc. So basically all this took place up until now. My son is almost two and he is definitely an indigo baby. He has big bright-greenish dark eyes and is extremely intelligent. He has looked at a woman and made her cry which was very unusual for her. LOL

My brother also has a daughter which amazingly enough is only two weeks younger than my son. And she also is exhibiting indigo traits.

About two weeks ago I fell into a sort of depression. I felt I wanted spiritual guidance or something. I want to believe in all the knowledge I have discovered. But it has caused me a lot of confusion.

So I went outside and just called for God. I talked to God and said I don’t know what religion to believe, I don’t know what my purpose is, but I feel you are working through me. Please guide me God. I’m ready to serve.

I didn’t feel anything initially. But later that night as I lay in bed crying my eyes out (due to a number of things) ...the strangest thing happened. God’s presence e came to me in my room. It filled the air around me. It’s a bit hard to explain. I stopped crying for a moment to feel it, that’s how intense it was. I said God, I feel you. It felt warm and caring and wise, almost like when you’re six and your mom holds you when you’re sad or hurt. But this was much more powerful.

I was youtubing it today and stumbled upon youtube (user name angelscallmejesus page) and watched a video about her explaining her sudden awakening. And about indigos and how heaven is on another planet in another realm and we are the enlightened ones etc. And it touched me so deep and made me feel so complete I began crying. It explained why I am the way I am. Why I am so different and "weird", why I could never completely connect with people, and why my imagination was always running when peers around me were worried about shopping and other trendy things. It is because I’m different and special. My dna won’t let me fall into the brainwashing program. My purpose is bigger than me.

I now feel heavens power flowing through me and it is helping me deal with rage and anger problems I have, (all caused by hurt and disappointment in my past). I am awakened and becoming more of it every day. I feel so good like I have been touched by an angel or better yet, I am one! =]

I’m glad to share my story and read others. It’s so exciting... we must prepare for the beginning of a new life.

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