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Touched By Spirits

by Ashley
(Strawberry Plains, TN, USA )

I've two dreams with spirits touching me with energy I can actually feel. This is a reoccurring dream theme I have had twice in two months. I often have precognitive dreams and I lucid dream more often than not but don't seek to manipulate my dream most times.

1. I'm in a beautiful house with my fiancé, we walk through to a glass enclosed sunroom where there are couches and no one in the room. My fiancé leaves to go take a shower and I walk with him to the bathroom then when he shuts the door to shower I go back to the sunroom. Now there's a small group of people who identify as spirits that are somehow in relation to my fiancé. I sit down on the couch next to one who appears to be a very elegant southern lady and I immediately get the impression that one of the other spirits there is her husband. She starts talking to me and saying (very politely) that they don't like me and they don't want me with Jeremy (my fiancé) and that I "need to go." I ask her why they don't like me, as Jeremy and I have been together for a number of years. She said "it's not personal honey" and then before I realize it she pushes her fingers in my lower back area (above the tailbone, sacral chakra area)and I get a shooting sensation of what I can only describe as pure energy throughout my spine and out my limbs. It is sort of painful actually. Since it's a lucid dream I try to stay and see what will happen but the feeling is overwhelming and I start shaking and I wake shaking in my bed.

2. I'm once again at a house, this house is very average but in an isolated place. I enter through the front door because I hear a young woman in there sobbing. I make my way to the back bedroom where she's crying uncontrollably. I sit beside her trying to console her. She wipes her face and tells me "it's okay, it's okay." So I sit a moment longer and this, I guess you would call it a "being" appears. It looks slightly human like but different skin, no hair, odd features. It grabs hold of the girl and sort of knocks her over onto the bed, then it disappears. She sits up perfectly fine and calmly explains to me that this thing "eats tears and sadness." Before I can react the creature or being appears again and flips me around to where I'm laying on my stomach on this bed and it presses into that same spot on my back and I feel the same overwhelming energy feeling as I described in the first dream, I wake up shaking, same thing as the first time.

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If you would like to interpret either or both of these dreams please use the comments link below.

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Nov 17, 2014
There giving you a message
by: Veronica

Hello, I believe the woman in the first dream and the creature in the second are actually trying to tell you something of importance like you could have a real physical problem in the area that was touched in both dreams. I have never heard of a creature that eats tears and sadness of course that does not mean it doesn't exist but I do know that there are creatures who eat sickness and disease I have seen them in one of the purest is the only word I can think of to describe it but one of the purest readings i ever did and my friend saw the same creatures when she was having her surgery while she was under the antithesis she was dreaming of being in this other world where these creatures were and they wanted her cancer they wanted to heal her. Maybe it is something you can pass on to him but doubtful the first dream the lady who said we don't like you could be an attempt to save there young relative your fiance from suffering from any type of heartache and if you hurt he will hurt. all I know for sure is that it is a message and it seems to be an urgent one.

Aug 19, 2014
by: Artisgood

Thanks for that feedback. There was a part of me that felt the creature in the second dream, while it's appearance was unnerving, was actually trying to help me, I mean a being that would eat sadness might not be beautiful. I tried to remain and let the touch on my back happen for as long as I could but it became so physically intense I awoke from my dream. I've had other dreams with spirits, ranging from Indian gurus blessing me to walking around a town and seeing the spirits interact or try to interact with regular material humans.

Aug 19, 2014
I will try to help.
by: Ms. Starr

Each of us has a safe place where we go to think and try to see ahead. The problem is that they often have uninvited spirits. If you are open, you are a light and they are drawn to you. The people may not even really be talking to you. They are just confused and don't know what is next. They get frustrated when we can't help the way they want you too. If you are really afraid, just as you are about to go to sleep announce that you are going to sleep and you want them to go away. Be forceful when you speak.

The other dream you see an angel. The angels that have not lived as humans. They are there around us always and protect us. It sounds like it is there to protect you from sadness and worry. The shock you feel may tingle and you may have pressure in the area. Don't be afraid of it, just acknowledge it is there. And again if you don't want it there tell it you are going to sleep and you wish un-interruption.

I hope this has helped. And I hope as your gifts advances you gain strength and control.

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