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by Z. Lyons
(Chambersburg, PA, USA.)

This IS me.

This IS me.

Ever since my spiritual awakening I have lost the capability to dream. I am constantly in a meditative state awake and when I "sleep" I suppose I am in a more aware state. I wake up 3 - 4 am every morning, not sure why, but I never miss a sunrise.

I want to try lucid dreaming or even learn how to dream again.

Anyways, the last dream I had was of me, my spirit, with a glow standing nude in darkness. I had tiger stripes on my entire body and from these stripes tiger fur started to grow. I did not get to see the fur grow completely or see the full transformation. I remember zooming up on my right arm to focus on the fur.

I was born March 27, 1986. Aries, Tiger, Fire. This dream, to me, represented that a transformation has started, which I am aware of on multiple dimensions, but it was an inner, divine sign that I was on the right path.

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