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Who else has a true angel story to share? Anyone naturally blessed with a delicate spiritual predisposition will be able to recall dozens of these "signs from above" as angelic guidance from their own daily life. But what do they mean and, more importantly, are they always to be trusted?  Is the message always there and, if it is, is it meant to guide or misguide us?

It is hardly uncommon for extremely sensitive and empathic people to receive little signs on a daily basis, observe unusual coincidences, feel odd little premonitions, and experience moments of angelic clairvoyance.

How To Share Your True Angel Story Here

As a rule of thumb, it is highly unlikely that the sky will open up right above your head and the thundering voice of Divine Providence utter a message that will solve all your life's ills. Instead, any note sent from a spiritual source will be but a mere hunch, a gut feeling brought to you through a messenger of one kind or another. They come to us while we meditate, pray, do ritual work, but also while we're in the middle of a traffic jam on our way to work. They are around us constantly, whispering into our ears all sorts of information that we may or may not need. But who are "they"?

On one side, we have Guardian Angels which are sent from above to guide the human race and aid each and every one of us. They are mild but firm, gentle yet assertive, and always there to give a helping hand. They are the ones that hear and take care of our prayers, hopes and dreams.

On the other hand, we have slightly less benevolent creatures often referred to as fairies. Throughout the ages, they have also been called goblins or imps and have sometimes taken the guise of sinister creatures of the mythology. They remain little understood by the average person. While not necessarily ill-intended per se, they do like to play around and are more likely to wreak havoc than anything else. Cheeky as can be, they can cause disturbances in the reception of clairvoyant or clairaudient signals, confuse your senses and generally spread spiritual misinformation, toying with your perception. Still, due to their tricks and craftiness, they are not always easy discern from more well-intended Angels.

Luckily, there is a way to tell them apart and avoid the little games that the fairies play so well. Guardian Angels always exude pure love, giving you a sense of security and a feeling of being cherished and taken care of. The protection they cast around you, once you learn to recognize it, can never be mistaken for anything else. Their messages are pure and ring with clarity and sincerity not found in lesser entities. Every other sign that you may receive during your meditation or through a sudden gut feeling is better taken with a pinch of salt (or even dismissed). Messages from your Angels will never leave you in doubt. It is just a matter of learning to listen.

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How Angel Paws Rescued Me From Danger

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My Guardian Angel Visitation

My Guardian Angel Visitation
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Angel Psychic Medium Says Pay Attention To The Little Whispers
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The Angel At My Shoulder

Here Is A True Angel Story Of My Own - Ian
I felt that angelic hand on my shoulder again. I turned to look if anyone was there. As I gazed across the street my eyes landed upon the Swedenborg Bookshop. There in the window was a poster promoting a newly released book. It’s title, “An Angel At My Shoulder”.  Learn more > >

My True Spirit Guide Earth Angel Story

My True Spirit Guide Earth Angel Story
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My True South African Angel Story

My True South African Angel Story
This is a true angel story that took place in the 1980’s. It was a time of racial conflict, a stubborn minority Afrikaner government and spiraling crime. At the time we lived in a beautiful old house located near the Johannesburg Zoo. Learn more > >

My True Angel Story Led To Readings - by John Dobson (Salt Lake City)

I had a session with an angel reader and I was so moved by the experience that I could hardly wait for my next one. For weeks I practiced coming up with questions to ask in my next session. I didn't think much about it at the time, but every time I imagined asking a question, I also imagined an answer. I finally realized this was happening and the answers weren't based on my own experience. So where were they coming from? 

My mind connected with an angelic presence that introduced itself as the source of the answers. When I closed my eyes, I could see in my mind’s eye two angels before me standing a few feet off the ground. They showed to my mind how they have been communicating with me all my life, and so many times that I thought I had come up with an idea, it was actually them sharing their thoughts with me.

I had been told I could do angel readings if I wanted. I decided to give angel readings as presents for Christmas. I gave more than a dozen of them that year. In the past 2 month I have had 4 people request readings. The quality of my readings has soared over the years. Last night I gave a reading and I literally felt the angel slip right into my body before the reading and he expressed himself with fantastic love and clarity. It was an awesome experience!

I was reminded that I have a gift that can help others and could be a rewarding way to help earn my living. I found this website as I'm searching for advice on how to establish a clientele.

Angels Among Us - by Anonymous 

My true angel story happened when I was approached by a woman (I now believe to have been an angel) on the Bainbridge ferry in Seattle. She approached me twice on the upper deck, both times staring straight at me like someone who knew me and cared for me, she was smiling, never took her eyes off of me. I smiled back, then as I turned to watch her walk away, turned again and she was gone. I walked all decks and cabins twice and there was no sight of her.

She was wearing purples and magenta, her clothes were draped and long and flowing. She wasn't dressed like others, it was drizzling and chilly and windy, and she had no jacket.

At the time I was returning from a day of moving my 85 yr old brother in law who lost his wife (my sister) last year to illness. I saw it as a sign of appreciation for supporting family. I took it as a sign that I am not alone and I am cared for. I took it as a sign that I need only look around and guidance would be there. It was very assuring.

How To Share Your True Angel Story Here

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