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UFO Dream

by Nash

I dreamt a long time ago, like when I was 8, that I was visited by a UFO. It was at night, and I was in my bedroom in front of the blinds.

There was a light, VERY bright, coming from outside. Part of me was scared to look out, but curiosity got me. I saw the UFO with lights all over it, and I remember putting up the blinds so I could see better and I screamed , "Mama! Mama Come here! Please mama!" It was those same words.

I repeated it over and over, and she said, "Hold on!" From upstairs and I just screamed and watched the UFO float at a good medium pace until it passed the trees out of my sight.

Then I remember feeling so scared and shaken, like "What just happened?" and walked out into the hallway. In the living room I saw my grampa and brother sitting in front of me, smiling. I just stared at them so confused but couldn't think to say anything. Gramps glasses reflected a lot of light, and I was 'attracted' you could say to it. They didn't say anything, just smiled, and then I blacked out.

I can't even remember waking up but I know I had the dream.

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