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Unable To Contact Love

by Rebecca Selosse
(San Juan)

My dream about being scared of losing someone that I am falling for hard.!! In the dream Bryan and I were in a relationship and I did something very uncomfortable to him and he slept in my house.

When I was sleeping he grabbed my phone and took out his phone number at out my phone and then he left. And then I saw through the window the ocean water coming to the streets and it was coming stronger and stronger. And I was trying to call him but I couldn't get him. I wanted to tell him to be careful but I couldn't, I was freaking out trying to contact him to see if he was okay first and then I was worried about how to get him back to my life.

Then I was trying to convince my brother to contact him so he could give me another chance to be together again. Bryan came back to my house talk to my brother and then little by little I said sorry and please forgive me and could you take me back?

Then I saw a black man saying "he had a hard time to let go of you, you two can work things out". It felt like he was God by the energy I was feeling from him.

Then I woke up and had tears my eyes. It was scary not knowing if Bryan was okay when a disaster was happening.

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