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Unfaithful Dreams

by Cheated Dreamer

I had this same dream when I was married about a year ago. It was me and my daughter walking in on my husband in our home. We found him, full blown naked, having sex with some blonde girl but I couldn't see her face as it was blurred in my dream.

Well I'm divorced now and I have been with another man for over three months now and had the same dream except this time with my mother and my boyfriend.

In the dream me and my boyfriend were at my mother’s house and I was running out to go get something from the store. My boyfriend stayed behind and I had him promise me he wouldn't do anything.

So I get back and he is naked with a towel wrapped around him walking down the stairs and then I see my mother lying naked on the bed. I got mad and said you lied to me and promised nothing would happen.

I remember feeling so much anger and anxiety in the dream, and then I said screw you and I stormed off.

I don't understand why I keep having these unfaithful dreams when I'm with someone. Can you give me your interpretation?

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