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Weird Dreams or Imagination?

by Kelley (15)

Well, lately I’ve been having weird dreams about...people. People I don't know and I dream about these places that I don’t even know exist? (ok maybe they don’t exist...but I’m just trying to see you know?)

Once I had a dream about a type of farm place, it was really big. Outside the house I was walking into, I saw a tree. but around the tree I saw a little boy running around it and trying to get my attention (but you know how dreams are, they get mixed up sometimes) so anyway, I followed the little boy because he started running, he ran through a barbed wire fence and on the other side of it there was a white kind of bomb shelter/shed looked like it was made of concrete, but after the boy went in, a little girl with blond hair and high pigtails went in. I tried to go in, but I couldn’ was sort of like something holding me back... I then got this smell, like something rotting... then I woke up. well, that was probably just a dream. I think it was, but I told my Mom and Gran anyway, my Gran said that they found a little girl on a farm where there was a type of shed thing... sooo I’m not really sure.

Now the one dream I had (sorry I’m going on XD).

OK, before I tell you this dream there was a little boy ghost who I named Timothy, he was very small, he died from fever and he was from about the world war 2 times. So anyway, now, it was healing service at our church (well, I don’t actually go to church anymore...please don’t moan at me =)) anyway and the night after the sealing service (Sunday) I dreamt I was run over by a car. I saw my body lying there on the floor from a bird's eye point of view. I just kept going up and up. then everything just went white, and golden and I felt something small holding my hand-now, when I went up out my body, everything became like shadows so I couldn't see faces- I think it was timothy because I saw the shadow of what he was wearing (a little sailor's outfit with little baby doll type of boots) so as we were walking up, I saw like a earth type of tunnel, and as we kept going up it slowly started disappearing. At the end of the tunnel, the light was even brighter. Everything was so calm and quiet and I felt love and warmth. I saw my Grandpa's shadow (I don’t know how I knew it was him) he greeted me (my grandpa died when I was 2 so I don’t really remember him that well, ) and his big hands were on my shoulders. I saw people I never knew before from my family and I somehow knew every single one of their names, some spoke German (from my mom's side) and some Croatian, but I knew what they were saying. I really didn’t want to leave. But my Grandpa took Timothy's hand and I remember he told me these words “you need to go now ok? You can't stay here yet" I was so angry and upset, because I loved it there, I didn’t want to leave, so I started getting upset but he said "no you have to go, you have a lot of unfinished business to do. You will help people and you will make a difference" I still argued but I sort of hit me on my chest, it wasn't sore, but it was a weird feeling, and he pushed me again, and the image of all of them started to get smaller and smaller, and I saw timothy waving at me. I then saw my body on the road again and I hit the floor, I then woke up trying to breath.

When I told my mom about the dream, she asked me to describe the people, and well, I did. She said that the German people were my Great Gran and Grandpa and the Croatians were my Gran’s parents and Great Gran parents. It was kind of weird. But anyway...please don't think I’m a loony person trying to get attention, because I’m not. I promise.

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