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Weird Feelings of Deja-Vu

by Kaye

Okay so about a month ago, not even I think, my grandma and I was having a conversation about her dog. I thought it was lonely and it needed a friend and if it didn’t it might not live. I didn’t tell my grandma the dying part. I think she has enough going on in her life. Well today I got a message from my grandma that the dog died.

I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not because I have had bad feelings before someone dies in my family. I have prophetic dreams, deja vu and weird turning feelings in my stomach that sometimes happen. There are other unexplained things that happen in my life. Sometimes I tend to overlook them like when I lived on my own and someone took my rent money and at work I had weird and bad feelings. I couldn’t stop it because I had to work a double shift and couldn’t get hold of anyone. Sometimes I’ll have dreams; either of a shooting or bad weather and I’ll get the point of the dream right when I watch the news. Yes, sometimes I am wrong too.

I can pick up on people’s feelings but I try to ignore them. Especially when people cry, I have to cry or I have to look away. I can pick also up on people’s negative energy, which I’m working on getting rid of but it’s hard.

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