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What Is A Medical Intuitive And What Makes This Worth Exploring?

What is a medical intuitive? To cut a long story short, a medical intuitive is a person endowed with the psychic ability to sense health issues beyond what meets the eye, often pinpointing concerns that even the most sophisticated medical technology struggles to identify. Sounds mind-blowing, doesn't it?

Medical intuition isn't simply plucked out of thin air. In fact, it’s a cocktail of observational skills, empathy, and a dollop of extrasensory perception. While the exact scientific foundations may be a bit foggy, recent discoveries in quantum physics and neuroscience suggest that our brains may be more connected to the universe than we previously thought.

What Is A Medical Intuitive?

While the science of medical intuition has provided limited empirical evidence so far, some individual case studies do suggest potential benefits. In one example, a medical intuitive correctly identified a patient's heart condition, which had previously gone undetected in routine examinations. In another, a medical intuitive accurately pinpointed the source of chronic pain that had eluded conventional diagnostics for years. Though these accounts are anecdotal, they suggest the potential benefits of integrating medical intuition into broader healthcare strategies.

The Healing Touch: Medical Intuition in Practice

Not to beat around the bush, but medical intuition has the potential to shake up traditional healthcare practices. In many cases, it's proven to be the missing piece of the puzzle, completing a picture that seemed inexplicable.

Take Sally, for instance. For years, she'd been grappling with debilitating fatigue, an issue that puzzled her doctors. Enter a medical intuitive who, with a gentle touch and a deep sense of connection, identified an unresolved emotional trauma as the root cause. After addressing this, Sally reported a dramatic improvement in her energy levels.

Of course, employing medical intuition in healthcare isn't without its challenges. After all, with great power comes great responsibility. Medical intuitives must adhere to stringent ethical guidelines, ensuring that their abilities are used solely for the benefit of the patient and not exploited in any way.

Medical Intuition Training

Medical Intuition Training

Several techniques and exercises are promoted to help individuals become a medical intuitive. These often involve honing one's sensitivity to subtle energies, practicing meditation and mindfulness, and improving visualization skills. Individuals are also encouraged to trust their hunches, particularly those regarding their own or others' health, and gradually refine this sense through practice and feedback.

Caroline Myss Medical Intuitive Training: In 1996, Caroline compiled her years of research in medical intuition with her work in the field of human consciousness, releasing the book, ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT. This book became a New York Times bestseller and has been published in 18 languages. 

Tina Zion Medical Intuitive Training: Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course won First Place Gold in the Body Mind Spirit Book Awards for 2019!!!! AND Advanced Medical Intuition, won First Place Gold from the COVR Book Awards Organization!

Tamra Oviatt Medical Intuitive Training: As the founder of Sacred Activations, Tamra Oviatt is a keynote speaker, visionary leader, best selling author of eight books, winner of the International Bestseller Publishing Award, and sought-after teacher. A Practitioner’s Guide to Medical Intuitive is a transcription of her five day Medical Intuition course.

FAQs That Answer "What Is A Medical Intuitive?"

What is a medical intuitive?

  • A medical intuitive is a practitioner who uses their intuitive abilities to identify and understand health issues. They don't rely solely on the traditional symptoms or diagnostic tools. Instead, they tap into a more intuitive, holistic understanding of the body and mind, often discerning the root causes of health issues that may go unnoticed in conventional medical examinations.

How can medical intuitives work alongside traditional healthcare professionals?

  • Medical intuitives can provide a complementary perspective to traditional healthcare practices. They might be consulted when conventional methods fail to identify the cause of a patient's symptoms, or they could be part of a holistic healthcare team from the get-go, offering insights into the emotional and spiritual aspects of health that could influence a patient's wellbeing.

What are the ethical considerations when using medical intuition in healthcare settings?

  • Medical intuitives, like all healthcare practitioners, must uphold the highest ethical standards. This includes respecting patient confidentiality, always acting in the best interests of the patient, and not making unfounded health claims. It's also important that medical intuitives clearly communicate the nature of their practice to patients and never discourage them from seeking traditional medical care.

Why is an open mind crucial in accepting medical intuition?

  • An open mind is key because medical intuition challenges traditional views of healthcare, suggesting that there's more to understanding our health than just physical symptoms and medical tests. It encourages us to consider emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects of our wellbeing. Accepting medical intuition doesn't mean disregarding conventional medicine, but rather viewing it as another piece of the healthcare puzzle that can potentially enhance overall patient care.

Can anyone develop their own medical intuition?

  • While some people may naturally have a stronger intuitive sense, it's now know that with practice and dedication, anyone can enhance their intuitive abilities. Techniques such as meditation, body scanning, and mindful observation can help nurture this skill. However, to more effectively be your own medical intuitive requires additional understanding of the human body and healthcare practices.

What are the medical intuitive readings that psychics provide?

  • Medical intuitive readings offered by psychics are sessions where they utilize their intuitive or psychic abilities to identify health issues or imbalances within a person's body. This could be physical, emotional, or energetic in nature. The psychic might tune into the person's energy field or aura, use their senses such as clairvoyance (clear seeing) or clairsentience (clear feeling), or even receive information from spiritual guides. These readings provide a holistic view of a person's wellbeing with insights into the root causes of health issues, including past traumas, emotional blockages, or lifestyle factors that might be affecting the person's health.

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