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What is an intuitive consultant?

  • Intuitive consulting is offered by spiritually minded advisors who rely on their connection to the divine as the primary source of guidance. Spiritually intuitive consultants provide personal psychic advice and coaching to individuals, and professional clairvoyant visioning to businesspeople.

What do intuitive consultants do?

  • With a highly developed sixth sense, their extrasensory perception (ESP) is used in everything from life coaching to psychic readings, including love and relationship advice, and any area you may need higher guidance for help in making those important decisions. Intuitive consulting and counseling is particularly useful when you need help to release the invisible blockages that keep you from moving forward. If you wish to change the way you operate on a deeper level this may be a perfect match for you.

What is a reading with an intuitive consultant?

  • A reading with an intuitive consultant is like seeking the advice of a wise friend or confidante. These consultations are sensitive and compassionate and provide a positive and reassuring viewpoint to all possible situations clairvoyantly envisioned for you. You will leave feeling lifted and enlightened, whatever challenges or exciting surprises lay ahead.
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What is a general psychic reading?

  • A general psychic reading will be ideal for you if you have some specific questions about present and/or future outcomes you would like me to focus upon.

What is a love and relationships psychic reading?

  • Before you get too invested in a romance, wouldn't it be nice if you knew how much potential you have as a couple? If you have matters of the heart to focus on, love and relationships psychic readings could be one of the best resources for you. Sometimes romance is very emotional, and I can hone my clairvoyant perception to ascertain potentials, directions, outcomes, conflicts, and answer questions while tuning into you as well as significant others. Healing the rocky road of soul mate / twin flame relationships usually calls for extra care.

What is a spiritual psychic reading?

  • Spiritual readings provide unique information from your connections with the spirit world. Evidential mediumship demonstrates that life continues and proves that your loved ones are always with you.

What is a work and career psychic reading?

  • If you are looking for guidance regarding your work life, and have career decisions to make for yourself, the insight from a work and career psychic reading can be very valuable.

What is a TarotVision™ psychic reading?

  • TarotVision™ is clairvoyant perception guided by the imagery of Tarot cards while my mind is in sync with the Schumann Resonance - the deep rhythm of Mother Earth and of the psychic realm. Over the years I have developed and honed this tarot-savvy approach for use as an intuitive consultant with a full deck!

What is a corporate consultancy psychic reading?

  • Corporate Clairvoyance is my intuitive business consultant service for entrepreneurs. If the idea of intuitive readings with a business coach is new to you, just take a moment to consider what a difference having your own Confidential Psychic Consultant with insight of a commercial nature could make.

What is psychic development coaching?

  • While it may be considered by the unenlightened as a supernatural power, to be able to experience your own intuition really is ‘normal and natural’ for each and every one of us. Who wouldn’t want to achieve an intuitive edge in life? This area of coaching helps you to develop your own psychic awareness.

What is law of attraction coaching?

  • The Law of Attraction is the magnetic force that has been used by successful people throughout the ages yet had been suppressed from the masses. As an intuitive life coach, with LOA mastery, I can help you make things happen with the potency of a mystic’s spell but without all the hocus-pocus.

What is intuitive life coaching?

If you need an intuitive reading on your life path these sessions are for you. You can schedule a session geared towards living a life with the wizardry I have discovered and used on my own mystic path. I can provide you with advanced training on how to turn your goals into accurate future predictions. This is a stronger level of guidance for clients who are more interested in driving their future rather than just looking at their future. My Psychic Life Coaching services are suitable for individuals as well as corporate clients.

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