What is Clairaudience?

You have heard of clairvoyance - but what is clairaudience telling you? People who have the courage to listen to their inner leadings and confidence to follow its guidance can connect with their Higher Selves and Spirit. These are the people most likely to become practicing psychics and mediums providing clairaudience advice.

Have you ever had strange experiences that lead you to believe you just might be clairaudient? For instance, do you hear talking when nobody is there? Has someone ever called out your name when you were home alone? Do you hear music playing that is inaudible to others? 'Clear Hearing’ is one of the extrasensory powers of the mind that everyone possesses. 

These are clear signs of clairaudience. Are you wondering if everybody is supposed to have the special power of clear hearing, why don’t you?

The easiest answer is for you to think about your “imaginary” childhood friend. Chances are, he either spoke in a physical voice (external clairaudience) or you communicated with each other by telepathy (internal clairaudience).

Because your parents, teachers, etc. believed you were imagining things, they conditioned you to quit using your special powers. But, Spirit will continue to nudge clairaudients.

What is Clairaudience Trying to Tell You?What is Clairaudience Telling You?

One of three things will occur:

  1. You were born with fully-developed clairaudience and ignored well-meaning authority figures.
  2. Your special powers lay dormant until you were an adult. You started ‘hearing’ things normal people couldn’t. It scared you. You decided to ignore the voices until they disappeared.
  3. You were intrigued when, as an adult, you began hearing voices, music, counsel from Spirit and so on. You started seeking ways to develop your clairaudience.

Note: It’s OK to consciously stop spirit dialogue. Accepting the gift of clairaudience is not obligatory.

Person #1 is most likely to make their life’s work in the psychic field.

Person #2 didn’t have the courage to revive his/her latent clairaudient powers. She/he envisions clairaudience as punitive, rather than adventurous.

Note: The most prominent intricacy of developing clairaudience is battling the fear.

Finally, person #3 is a risk-taker. He/she wants to explore the benefits of being clairaudient.

What is Clairaudience Trying to Tell You?

Clairaudient messages can be telepathic, external or internal.

Internal messages are heard with your Divine Ear, in your deepest mind. Until you gain discernment through practice, it’s difficult to sort out spiritual messages from your personal thoughts. Most especially when Spirit communicates via telepathy.  

Don’t expect to receive comprehensive communication in the form of complete sentences. For instance, if animals send you messages, as a clairaudient, you can translate animal-speak.

An example of external clairaudience is when you’re alone and hear someone call your name. Although you ‘hear’ your name through your physical ears, the voice usually won’t sound human.

External clairaudience is rare. A voice from ‘out of the blue’ may startle you. Or, you may think it’s cool!

What Is Clairaudient Advice?

Most clairaudient psychics can tune in via multiple wavelengths. Here are some Kasamba Clairaudients with free introductory minutes on offer.