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Who Are You and Where am I?

by Kura Suigetsu
(South Carolina)

I "wake up" in complete and utter blackness. I stand only to see a black mirrored floor with my reflection on it, while in the distance I see another person wearing the exact same clothing as what I'd worn earlier that day. The person stood there until I got curious and began walking towards the person, whom began walking towards me.

The only problem with, what I now saw, the woman was that she hadn't actually moved. When I met up with this person I gasped because it was me only older. She looked to be in her early 20's. My older self smiled when I did, but as I outstretched my hand, it met with a solid mirror like wall. As soon as that happened she shimmered away.

I stood there a few moments with hand on the wall until a loud giggle echoed throughout the nothingness that never ended. My hand dropped to my side as I spun around swiftly and called out "Who's there?!" Another giggle only quieter this time. That was when a girl with red-orange hair and light chocolate brown eyes, appeared at a slight distance away. "Who are you?!" I called out again. There was a small giggle from the girl, who couldn't be older than twelve, then she shouted "Lilly" back to me. I then nod my head and the next thing I know she's five feet in front of me. I squeaked in surprise. I asked her about this place; where am I, how do I leave, who exactly she is. She told me I was in a place of nothingness, a place that went on forever. She didn't answer the second question.

The girl, Lilly, told me in an old wise voice that didn't belong to her. "I am someone who has very important matters to discuss with you. But only on a later date." I took a closer look at the child. She had a very pale completion, her feet were bare, her red-orange hair was up in two high pigtails on the top of her head. She was wearing a baby blue dress with, pale pink flowers and very pale yellow in the middle of the flowers. The dress reached just passed her knees. Shortly after that I asked her why did I see another, older version, of me. She responded with "Well it's you, ask yourself." in a normal childish way. I stood there with my mouth slightly agape in bafflement soon after, I snapped it shut while the girl began speaking with the older wiser voice. "We will meet again soon but for now I must bid you a'du." Lilly then span around sprinting off into the direction of which she came. Once she was far enough she completely disappeared.

I decided to follow her staying close to the black mirrored wall. I walked many miles and many hours until I fell on my butt, waking me from the dream.

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