WipeOut Canada

by Vanessa
(Calgary Canada)

WipeOut was hosted in a big huge Warehouse in Calgary. I went to apply but I had missed out on the deadline. Anyways people were allowed to go watch the game show live. So I stayed and watched the contestants.

A friend of mine from my class in high school got to play. My friend also has the same name as me. While I watched I ate a whole tray of desserts to myself because I was feeling sad that the deadline was over to enter.

After the tray was finished I went to find my friend Vanessa. I found her sleeping backstage in the mothers room.

Jumping into her dream I saw her speeding along a winedy highway, wind and rain pouring down. The car she was speeding in all of a sudden flipped upside down and she was trying to get out of the car, husband lying dead beside her. Blood was dripping down her face and she was screaming for help.

Vanessa woke up and asked what happened. I told her she was dreaming, that I knew because I saw what had happened.

Then my dream ended.

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