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by Vicki

I have the same dream about zombies coming to get me. I'm in a room with my ex-boyfriend and Dr. Who (I don't know why he's there, I watch too much TV I guess) and the zombies start coming in though the only door in the room. There's a table in the room and some of the zombies sit at it and some carry off my ex-boyfriend though the door, while he's being carried off he yells back at me not to look the zombies in the eye, which would be kind of hard considering they're all looking at the ground.

I walk through the door trying to find a way out of wherever I am, it looks like I'm underground and everything is made out of rusting metal when suddenly a blonde zombie who sort of looks like one of my class mates steps right in front of me and looks at me directly in the eyes. This scares me and I walk away trying to pretend it didn't happen and hope she won’t notice, but she does. To try and save myself from being eaten I attempt to lock myself in a small jail cell type room but my classmate and an old, bald man (This man was in a dream I had when I was 7, in that dream he cut me in half) get in before I can shut the door. The blonde girl holds my arms down and takes a bite out of my neck and the old man decides to rip my leg off with his teeth. I can feel how much it hurts and start crying and screaming, and then I wake up.

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