2 Scary Things

by Kyle
(Ithaca Michigan)

Since I was 15 or 16 I’ve always seen people that walk down the street and disappear within a few seconds of me noticing them, I also see black shadows that stand off the ground like a regular solid human but no physical features that I can make out these ones seem to watch me from afar, I also see white figures that do the same thing as the black ones its so strange, the white ones always seem to be hiding behind trees at night or running across the grass where I like to hang at night which is the park, I know for sure there not people because once they go behind a tree they don’t seem to come out.

I have 2 scary things that have happened to me the first started when I was walking home at night and I was in an alleyway where there was a Chinese restaurant or at least the back of it. Behind the Chinese restaurant are 3-4 large dumpsters. I heard rumblings in one of them and my heart froze. As I turned and looked at where the noise was coming from I saw a large bird (maybe a little longer than I am from head to toe). It was kind of stubby, it was just looking through the dumpster, it noticed me pretty much right off the bat, and coked it head like a bird does when it’s curious. I ran all the way home after that.

The second thing was a white appearance, seemingly, a man with veins all over his face and a green and red eye. It lunged at me from the stairway and instinctively I flicked on the light switch and it almost seemed to sliver up the stairs. I literally didn’t go to sleep for 3 weeks at night after that. My friend told me he had a dream with a man that looked similar to the one I saw.

Please if you have any knowledge of what this could be contact my email at kylemepham @ yahoo.com. I’ve been trying to get help about what it could be but no one seems to have answers. I actually tried to contact a local church but the person I talked to told me I needed to see a doctor.

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Jul 02, 2010
Great Article
by: paul

Like many others, I?m sure, perhaps even you? The search to try and discover the whole truth about the existence of Psychic Gifts, Medium-ship, spiritual enlightenment and ones own degree of ability to communicate is an on going battle between acceptance and some degree of skepticism.

Just about everyone whether or not they believe, seems fascinated with having readings and information, I include myself in this too. The subject of spiritual investigation. The search for true and real validity in communicating with ?The Other Side?. The whole topic has never been more heavily debated then now.

The recent decade of media exposure that has fed and almost insatiable public hunger to know more about Psychics and hear Mediums has literally exploded in popularity. And continues to it seems.

Why? Why is there almost a frenzy of us out there wanting so much to make some connection. Is it because its becoming almost fashionable or is there a genuine acceptance that there is more to it then previously acknowledged?Or simply because we all have always wanted to know and at last there is no longer any stigmatization connected to it. No more embarrassment of openly discussing our acceptance of all things ( as Lisa Williams calls) ?Whitchy- Woo? !

I started a brand new site called yourpsychicgift.com and its for people like me that love to share thoughts and experiences and offer help or guidence too. hoep anyone reading this goes there and adds their thougths too. You never knwo who might be reading the bolg and your words might be the key and really help someone.
love to all xoxo

Jun 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hey hun,

The person at the church who told you to go to the doctor is soo wrong. I believe you and I believe you're not crazy or imagining things, that's what the devil wants you to believe to send you crazy and put you off the right path in life.. Perhaps you are destined to really make a positive difference in this world and the devil doesn't want to succeed.

I am not sure if you have accepted Jesus into your life or not but I personally found it's the only way to find peace within. I was also haunted by a figure I couldn?t see but I could feel. I could feel it lying next to me on my bed at night and could actually see the creases in the bed as if someone was really there. This happened after I messed around with an Ouija board as a teen. After a few years of torture and almost taking my life, I accepted Jesus in to my heart and into my life. This gave me peace and the next time I felt this figure around I said "I rebuke you and I command you to go and return to where you came from in Jesus name I command you!"

Ever since then I haven't been bothered. Every night I pray to go for protection and also thank him for my life. I have found peace and strangers come up to me in the street and have said there is a light about you.

So this is my advice. Like I said the devil is real and he will stop at nothing from taking you away from your true path and peace in your life. Don't let him take the peace from you. God is more powerful and you are made in his image and you are more powerful than any demon or devil and they will go when you command them because they know you have the power over them as god has given it to you.

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