International Psychic Week 2021 Starts On Sunday The 1st Of August

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Happy International Psychic Week 2021. It is said to have started in 1965 when a Broadway producer decided he wanted to help promote his psychic friends and IPW has been celebrated around the world during the first week of August ever since.

When is Psychic Week this year? In 2021 it starts Sunday Aug 1 and ends Saturday Aug 7 and can be observed world-wide.

When is Psychic Day this year? There are some unsubstantiated myths online saying the origin of a psychic day dates back to 19th-century Britain and was a Sunday set aside to give you the opportunity to develop your own psychic abilities. Whatever the origin, I say it is a great idea for us Psychic Junkies to celebrate and make it actualize. If you choose to embrace a Psychic Day with me this year, it is Sunday August 1st 2021. 

If you are not up for honing your own psychic gifts you may prefer to celebrating International Psychic Week with a real Mediumship or Predictive Psychic Reading.

International Psychic Week - August 1st to 7th

Celebrate Psychic Week With A Mediumship Reading

Are you a candidate for psychic medium readings during International Psychic Week?  You may be if you’ve experienced unusual events such as: A feather floats from the sky and lands at your feet. No birds are in sight. Or, you feel a whoosh of cold air, followed by the sensation that someone is kissing your cheek. You are home alone. 

Such strange occurrences could indicate a friend or loved one is reaching out to you at this time with a message from the other side. Your best option is to seek spiritual mediums who can help you decipher the messages.

Mediums are psychic, but their specialty is connecting with spirits on the other side. A psychic, on the other hand, is not necessarily a medium.

Usually, mediums do not use metaphysical tools, like crystal balls or tarot cards, to link with spirits. When the spirit is agreeable, energy connection is instant, like plugging in a lamp. Otherwise, spiritual mediums can’t compel the spirit to cooperate.  

Are you curious to know how a psychic medium reading  works? Some mediums communicate through power of mind to obtain information from spirits via their highly-developed inner-senses. This is called mental mediumship.

Another method is called direct voice. These mediums speak to spirits with their normal voice, rather than their minds. It is more difficult to connect and dialogue with those on the other side through the physical senses, because spirits tend to be detached. 

Then there is trance mediumship where mediums enter an unconscious state. The medium's physical body becomes an empty receptacle for entities to fill.

Séances can be conducted by mediums for a group of clients who want to establish contact with their departed loved ones. Séance was derived from ‘sedre’, the Latin word for ‘to sit’. An auspicious name for sure, since that is what participants do. They sit. And sit. Many mediums agree, séances are challenging because of the co-mingled energies of the sitters. The object is to connect with entities on the other side who may have messages to pass along to particular members of the group.

To call out to these spirits, mediums may go into a trance state, use a Ouija board or automatic writing. Once spirits arrive, the sitters can pose their questions directly to them.

Be mindful that humans are composed and energy and energy never dies. Once the human skin is shed, energy vibrates at a much higher rate. To achieve a ‘meeting of the minds’, mediums are trained to raise their rate of vibration and spirit naturally lowers their vibrations.

Celebrate Psychic Week With A Predictive Reading

There is a significant difference between mediumship and predictive psychic readings. Mediums use their psychic ability to prove survival of the human personality after death and to help the bereaved come to terms with their loss. Predictive psychics are able to “sense” on a material level, but do not “tune in” to the spirit world. They have the same extrasensory perceptions (also known as ESP) that include telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition but thee gifts are used to make prophecies or to give you insights into the course of your future. 

You could celebrate International Psychic Week by having a predictive psychic reading to get an insight into where you are headed in love and romance, work and business, home life, travel planning, or about getting on track with your destiny. 

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