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2012 the future.

by Alyxe

For many years I have seen ghosts and physic visions. Most of the time my visions are from when I’m sleeping.

I kind of dream the future. For example, one night I had a dream that I was playing catch with my sister in my house, then all the sudden the house shakes, I look out the window and see a ufo flying over head. Then I woke up. The next day I was watching TV and it was about ufos.

There was a guy working in his house and the house started to shake. He ran outside and saw a ufo. My dreams are usually little things like that. Other times during the day I will be day dreaming about something, then some one or something happens that has to do with what I was day dreaming about. Like one time I was thinking about butter for some reason, and about 5 minuets later, my mom tells me that the butter on the popcorn bag can give you cancer? Well recently I’ve been sick and I was at home alone and my head felt heavy and my vision was blurry. I thought about (and saw a picture in my head) of nuclear bombs hitting a city, many natural disasters.

But then I thought about piece and love and harmony. Then the dizziness stopped and flipped the channel on my TV. This thing about 2012 came up. Said to be the end of the world. What do you think? I will get back to you if I have a dream.

Surviving 2012

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Jul 29, 2013
by: home loans

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Dec 11, 2009
The world is not ending in 2012
by: Anonymous

Anthropologists/historians misinterpreted the map, the Mayan elder said that they did.

Dec 27, 2008
by: rosa

That things happen to me too. Sometimes is like a "dejà vu".

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