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2012 Prophecy Pages are inspired by Mary who writes: 

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“Okay I have heard about tons of psychics having visions of 2012, including me. But as always my visions are fuzzy, the thing is my visions they are always clearer when I am connected to the Earth. So as you can guess I was inside somewhere when I had mine. What I am asking is for some other psychics to share their 2012 visions or stories with me so I maybe get some answers. I know that some psychics are secretive about their visions so it’s ok if you don't want to share.”

What Is Your 2012 Prophecy?

Do you have a great 2012 Prophecy? Or an interesting story about a Nostradamus 2012 prediction, the 2012 Mayan Prophecies, surviving 2012, or doomsday and the end of the world? Share it here!

Published Prophecy Updates

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Preclaiming Awakening 
One who has waited, one who has been unsure, only one will be chosen. You have felt a strong feeling that has pulled you and pulled you your entire life. …

Prophetic Visions by Valerie  
Today is 12/23/11 and I'm providing some more of my prophetic visions. Hope you all enjoy reading these. I don't claim to be perfect at this.....but here …

More 2012 Celebrity Predictions and World Prophecies by Valerie Perez 
CELEBRITY PREDICTIONS 2011-2012 1.I know there has been talk about Jennifer Aniston adopting a child from Mexico. Well, my feeling it this. She will …

Celebrity Predictions and World Prophecies 2011-2012! 
In meditation I received these messages and visions from my guides. In the first part of 2011 I see some major UFO sightings. These will be real. …

Prophet Of Goddess Not rated yet
My name is Diana I am from United States, I was I in a relationship with Ben and we loved and cherished ourselves for 3 good years. Everything was going …

My Prophecy Not rated yet
My name is Mary and yes I am the girl that "inspired" the 2012 prophecy pages and here is my prophecy. I saw lights flaring, people screaming, yet my …

Australian Indigo Awaits 2012 Not rated yet
Indigo is actually my favorite color of the rainbow! Many think I’m nuts and a little annoying because I just know what they are feeling all of the time. …

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