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6 Months Prior To 911

by Donna
(Vancouver, WA)

I am constantly bombarded by daily situations that include pictures, people, issues which, on average, have an impact 6 months into the future. One situation happened in May/June 2001.

I had recently transferred to Vancouver, Washington as a manager in the telecommunications industry. While staying in an executive apartment I went to another apartment to purchase used living room end tables. Upon entering the apartment I noticed the only wall-hanging over the couch was a framed pilot's license with a picture of a middle eastern on it (this was the only picture on any of the walls; kitchen, dining room and living room). The family consisted of a woman, a male preteen and a father not present. This woman took me into the kitchen to introduce me to a drink called, "jogger juice".

Of course, I didn't think anything at the time, except for the fact that the picture looked so out of place!!

Within two weeks I received a call from this woman who asked me to a Memorial Day barbeque where her single brother-in-law wanted to meet me. Our conversation was short and to the point, however, I suddenly felt extreme fear........complete distrust......a foreboding that my life would be in danger if I attended! Why I don't know, I’ve only experience fear for my life on 2 other occasions (in 1982 and 1985). I quickly told her that I probably couldn't, but if I changed my mind I’d call her back.

When 911 happened I was in the middle of moving and didn't think about it until another situation came up involving a train wreck outside of the country. It didn't cross my mind again until recently while I was explaining to my ward bishop about how this "gift" presents itself in my daily living. I was having a difficult time explaining "the situations or experiences" and this example came to my mind. What type of ability is this? I at times have dreamed future events down to the smallest detail, and I can say, "I have dreams". But this other type....???? All I can tell you is these situations have happened all my life, but in 2006 after I attended by endowment session at the Portland, Oregon temple rarely do I have day go by without a "situation" giving clarification to major issues involving people or things.

Normally, I say nothing!!!!!

DJ - November 16, 2013

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Nov 17, 2013
Warnings come
by: Ms. Starr

I have the same thing happen and have come to understand that though we can not change what happens, we are given warning as a conformation that what we see, feel even smell is real. The plain we are on is just a vale between here and spiritual plane. These conformations are a way to validate us, so we learn. We are so often told voices in our heads are indications of mental being. But is it real? Am I crazy? These question go through most of our minds. You need to trust what you see, feel, and yes smell. Write them down, and the date and time. I have done just that and you will see the pattern. Trust what you see, feel and smell.

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