7th Grade Psychic Abilities

by Ashley

I am a 14 year old girl in her first year of high school. This all started in 7th grade. I would guess random things correctly, lucid dreaming (I didn’t have a name for it then) was something I didn’t think was special. I began seeing auras in 8th grade. I was very aware of my surroundings and noticed every detail. I hadn’t noticed but my memory had increased to where I could remember everything. People say I remember things I couldn’t possibly remember.

Things that happened over 10 years ago.

Then the premonitions appeared in my dreams. I began to see things before they happened. On one occasion I was spending the night at my father’s house and had a dream of him calling animal control and taking my dog. The next morning I told my mom about my dream...about 2 days later my dad called animal control and we managed to get the dog away from the house before they could get her.

A lot of coincidences happened. I would think of a song and it would appear the second I put on the radio. I would know who was calling me. I heard a little dogs foot steps but there was no dog. (the dog was in a different part of the same state) The thing that really opened my eyes to my abilities was last year when I went to Delaware. My aunt wanted to play a card game and I agreed. She would pick a random card from the deck and tell me to tell her the suit and the number. I correctly answered the suit but the number would be off by 1 exactly. She did it at different times over the days and I still answered the same way. I pictured the card in my mind and got it. I was amazed to put it simply.

The other day I had a feeling something bad was going to happen...and it did. I would have nightmares of horror movies...one involving a hole in the ground and something coming out (refer to war of the worlds) and another with mirrors (refer to the movie mirrors).Then some electronic items acted up around me. A clock radio and a electronic picture frame to be exact. I would think of something, do something or hear something that day and it would happen.

After doing research I checked my abilities out online. And realized the reason when I was around my friends and they were sad, I became sad and when they were happy I became happy. Their aura affected mine. The things I did had names. I was and still am overjoyed and wish to expand my abilities.

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Jul 25, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hello Ashley, my name is Bryan Im also currently living in Florida and I noticed I can do the same things, not as good as you. But im also an aurora reader I see auroras in color rather than any other way people can. I just want to wish you good luck ^_^.

Jul 24, 2009
by: Bryan

I am from Florida to and starting at highschool, I just this year found out I was an aurora reader not as developed as you but with the gist of that (I simply see them as colors and people with psychic abilites auroras are diffrent they tend to sparkle somewhat), when I was about 12 my freind would randomly ast how he felt and I would answer it corectly 99.9% of the time with that I found I was an empath as well. If you would like to email me at kittyskatstastegood@yahoo.com Thank you, Please keep in mind I would like talking to you because we seem to be experiencing some of the same things.

Apr 27, 2009
by: Angelica

I find that your abilities are quite similar to some of the stuff I can do, or have, though I don't think i've ever encountered any auras like you have. I'm only 15 myself, but the weird dreams which come true later, or premonitions, are a frequent for me, and I think you've got some really good potential for helping people out with things, since you can understand them and their auras well. Anywho, it's definitely some interesting stuff you can do! :)

Oct 11, 2008
by: Sora

WOW! thats cool.
Good luck!

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