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7th Grade Psychic Abilities

by Miki Takei
(New York)

Similar to the ghost in my house

Similar to the ghost in my house

Well I think my psychic abilities started sometime around 7th grade. Before and during those times I never believed in ghost/spirits (even though weird things did happen in my house from time to time but I tried my best to ignore it thinking it’s nothing really).

My grampa would sometimes tell me he sees ghostly things in the house from time to time (a dark black mass). I thought he was saying that just to scare me or something, but I still didn't believe him till one particular day. That day when I was home in my room, I was on the computer listening to music like any other teen likes to do. Then I had this feeling to look behind me because at times I would get the thought of being watched. When I looked to my left on other side of room near the closet at the corner of my bed, I saw this dark mass floating (in a standing type position) probably four feet tall. It was darker than the area it was at and not see-through except around its edges which faded out a bit. It was pushing a plastic bag upwards (plastic bag handles on the corner part that sticks from my bed).

As I saw this I just froze for a second. (I guess because I freaked out a bit inside and couldn't believe what I was seeing) then I looked back at my computer screen and looked back to that corner again and it was gone! I felt so scared and confused inside, I told my grampa that I would be going outside for a little walk. When I was leaving my home, I RAN out the door and stayed outside for a little while.

I also remember a time in 7th grade when me and a best friend were just talking, and out of nowhere, in my head, these images popped into my head, I remember seeing the words "MJ DEAD" in bold black letters and image {fans crying} (about 2 weeks before the death of MJ). I told my friend, "I don’t know why but I have this feeling that MJ is going to die really soon,.." we laughed about it, because, it was so random, and a "thought" of mine. But when it did happen, me and my friend were so, like "Wow..." moment, because what I said had come true.

Another thing that happened was that I had a dream of being on the road, in a warm looking place, inside a car or something, people were in it, but I felt that I knew them (felt like family) and then I remember in the dream I saw a coffin, and my family was crying.. when I woke up, I thought it was just some random scary dream so I just let it slide and forget about it. Two days later, we find out, my little younger cousin died on the way going to California with his family. And they happened to be driving there. It was sooooo weird to dream that..

Another thing that happened a few months later, me and a different best friend were talking about the coming Halloween (about 6 months away), and she really believes that I have psychic abilities so she asked me if I can try to see the future for the coming Halloween and its weather. I told her I can try but I’m not sure if I can control when I want to use my psychic ability (they usually came at random). So I concentrated a bit, first with eyes open, and then closed. In in my mind, I saw image, I saw, cloudy grey sky and rain. I told her what I saw. She told me "If it happens, she'll blame me for it happening" and I said "Hey I only say what I see, I don’t make it happen Hahahaa!" and guess what? It did end up raining on that Halloween , and she did blame me hahaha. She was still amazed though, and I was as well.

Recently, I’ve been trying to practice seeing into the future, this pasted Sunday I tried to test myself, I asked myself "What shirt will my close friend wear tomorrow?" I concentrated a bit and this popped into my mind: I saw "A lot of red, some black and some white here and there". The next day which was Monday, when I saw him in school, he was wearing exactly what I have explained.

I can also sense people's feelings very easily, especially when they face towards me. It’s like, I read their feelings inside. I can also sense their auras a bit, when I feel there vibes, I picture colors. I can "feel" them.

I am now 16, female in High School in some city in NY (will not say where exactly). I really hope there are more teens like me out there to talk to, to understand these things with me, some of my friends find it really cool and weird, but it’s hard for them to know/explain how I can do this.

You can find me on facebook as タケイ ミキ (Miki Takei) I have blond/pink/dark brown hair, hopefully I’m not hard to find.

Please leave comments below if you have shared similar things! I hope to find more people like me to speak to about all this!

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