How To Get More Accurate Answers From The Tarot

Knowing how to get more accurate answers from the Tarot will increase your knowledge about the cards. When you are a student most people will tell you to just practice doing as many readings as you can, and they would be right. Others will tell you to do a daily draw or to keep a Tarot journal, and they would also be right.

Matias Mikael is the verified author of this guest post.

What I want to share with you today however is an addition to your Tarot practice which is deceptively simple, but will invariably bring more depth to your readings, and will also help you become more intuitive with the cards.

So what is this secret technique that I want to share with you?

It's so simple, it boils down to one number. Two.

In the spreads you normally use, instead of using one card per position, start using 2 (or more) cards instead.

Getting Accurate Answers From The Tarot

This technique for getting more accurate answers from the Tarot can be used with any deck, but is especially well suited for pip-decks, as the ambiguity of the numerical pips will benefit a lot from having cards be read in pairs, instead of separately.

Accurate Answers From The Tarot You Can Count On

To illustrate, let's say your doing a spread and one of the positions is called "Potential Obstacles". Let's say the card in that position is the 3 of Cups. As traditional meanings for this card include "celebration, friendship, togetherness", it's already getting hard for us to fit the meaning of the card into the position where it came up in the spread.

If only we had another card to read together with the 3 of Cups to give it some well-needed context.

Let's say the other card you end up drawing together with the 3 is the 9 of Swords.

9's having a numerological meaning of "attainment, completion, fulfillment", paired with the mental realm the Swords cards represent, we can reach an interpretation of "ideologies and beliefs that are set in stone".

Reading the two cards together as one in the position called "Potential Obstacles", we can arrive at an interpretation of a group - of friends or otherwise - that hold strongly to a set of beliefs. We see then that the obstacles for the querent might be that their beliefs and ideas might be contrary to the beliefs and ideas of a group of people they are in contact with, and that they have to tread carefully how they express themselves to that group.

Using 2 cards (or more) per position in your spreads will give more accurate answers from the Tarot - for yourself and others. You will find an extra dimension of depth that you will quite quickly get used to tapping into. It will also tremendously improve your capability for intuitively picking up on connections between cards.

Go ahead and try this technique in your next reading, I'm sure you will be positively surprised by the effortlessness of reaching new depths in your Tarot readings.

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Guest post by Matias Mikael

Guest post by Matias Mikael

I'm Matias, a Finnish guy, living in the hills of Romania. I'm an avid and passionate student of the Tarot and all things metaphysical. In my readings I incorporate a wide variety of different schools of thought (alchemy, Eastern philosophy, numerology etc.) to give well-researched and informative readings. For my readings on Etsy I generally spend a whole evening piecing the reading together and provide many different avenues of perception for you to consider. To get more accurate answers from the Tarot book a reading with me today on:

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