Accurate Pregnancy Dreams

by Susan

It started 7 years ago when I had a dream my sister in law was pregnant, which wasn’t very likely as she had split from her husband six months previously. She had a new boyfriend but it was nothing serious. I told my partner my dream and said "she's pregnant." The next day she rang to tell us she was pregnant!!! Spooked me right out!!

The next dream was a few months later, in the dream my best friend from school who I hadn't seen for about 2 years walked up to me in a market place with a baby boy in a buggy, she said "this is my son" then walked away. One week later she me a text telling me she was pregnant!!

Since then I have dreamed of my sister, a couple of mums at the school my daughter goes to (I even knew what sex their babies were). It was just a dream here and there but this year I have so far had four dreams. They are getting so accurate I’m predicting people getting pregnant who I’ve never met, just heard about.

Two people I dreamed about at the beginning of the year are indeed pregnant I’m just waiting for delivery day to see if I got the sex right. The last dream was about a work colleague I dreamed I went to his house to meet his new baby, I’ve never met his partner and don’t really know him that well we just work at the same place. In the dream I never met the baby as his partner was upstairs asleep with the baby, I told him about the dream and he said "I don’t think so" and laughed. Three days later his partner rang him at work to say she was pregnant!!

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Nov 28, 2014
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