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About Accurate Psychic Advice

Why the best and most accurate psychic advice is less than 100% precise. Let's say you've taken the time to find a psychic or tarot card reader that you connect with and find that your initial first session or two was  absolutely right, very insightful, and provided you with the clarity you needed and instilled confidence knowing what lies ahead and what decisions you can make to improve your circumstances. 

But then sometimes that reader's accurate psychic advice tends to plateau, drop off noticeably, and you walk away from a session feeling less than inspired. Now you are not quite as confident and likely doubting if you've picked the wrong reader for you. Does this sound familiar?

Well I've got some excellent news that you may find helpful and will leave you with an understanding of your situation. I've run into this with clients who've come to me with these same questions before a paid session, don't fret, you're not alone in this experience!

The first and most obvious point is that we are all human and like it or not, humans make errors in judgement, have bad or "off" days and make mistakes some of the time! I mean, how else would we learn and grow while improving our skills in any endeavor without those experiences?

Guest Post by Levi Ormsby About Accurate Psychic AdviceGuest Post by Levi Ormsby About Accurate Psychic Advice

No one that I've heard of who is a professional or expert in their craft got that way overnight and it's quite likely that they have had many mistakes and failures along their journey to expertise. Doctors misdiagnose, leave surgical tools in their patients after surgery, prescribe incompatible medications and a whole host of other flops that occur fairly frequently even with our current level of technology, advances in medicine and science as well as access to educational resources.

I believe these mistakes occur in any profession due to the very nature of being human. Sometimes our personal lives and health, financial issues, etc can affect our focus and performance at work. These things happen and it's ok and part of the risk of life in general. Like my mother used to say, "Remember to look both ways before crossing the street! But that doesn't always mean you'll make it across because sometimes sh*t happens and in life there are no guarantees!"

Sure, this advice sounds harsh but I understood much later in life that these were words of tough love about the nature of life and living. Everything we do involves risk or sacrifice and we never know when we leave the house in the morning if we will come back in one piece or even alive and breathing for that matter! In my opinion my mother's advice is something I take to heart in all I do each day. This advice may also come off as harsh to you but reality can be harsh and beautiful at the same time. I believe her advice taught me that safety and security is an illusion we push upon our individual realities so that we can deal with the day to day of living. 

Another factor that can decrease the accurate psychic advice of your reader is by going for a reading too frequently. And by frequently I mean contacting your reader in a frenzy or chaotic moment every couple of days or weeks just so you can know how to act or what to expect. It turns into an addiction, an unhealthy dependency rooted in fear of the unknown and the fear of not feeling in control which some clients feel the accurate psychic advice provides for them.

Not only does this lower a readers accuracy but it also becomes a burden to us energetically and turns into a codependent relationship and that is not ok!

Sure, we enjoy our line of work and want to help people with our unique skills but how would you feel if someone came to you asking for advice all the time on every little thing you feel you can't face on your own and knowing not what to expect? And that's not even covering the fact that no matter how much advice we give clients sometimes they never take anyone's advice and would rather put the responsibility of making life choices on their reader.

See where I'm going with this folks? Just something to keep in mind moving forward my friends. Remember, we have lives and bills of our own and sometimes a needy client isn't worth the trouble or the money. So be kind and understand that we must create boundaries with all our clients. It's best not to develop friendships or relationships with clients and to keep it strictly professional in my opinion. 

The last aspect that I feel contributes to a lowering of accurate psychic advice in a tarot or psychic session is that the client isn't really open to hearing the guidance, or only wants to hear of the "good" news. THIS IS NOT WHAT A READING IS ABOUT!

In my opinion when you allow someone to read for you then you have to come prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly. Sure, it's important to empower our clients and have them leave a session confident and able to make better decisions from the clarity a reading can provide but being open to all aspects of life allows for you to remain grounded in reality. Life isn't always pretty and sometimes it can be downright challenging to hear the harsh truth from anyone even if it's what we need to grow and improve ourselves!

So moving forward my friends, let's try to remember that a reading isn't about making you feel special or to tell you just what you want to hear... Well, not if you want a reading that really takes an honest assessment of you and your situation and the blocks present, challenges you face and also your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can really make a noticeable and honest improvement in your circumstances.

If you keep the advice in this article in mind I confidently feel that this will help you keep a healthy and professional relationship with your reader during each session and assist us readers in maintaining our accurate psychic advice and our ability to help you to help yourself.

See? There's really nothing to it! Keep these tidbits of wisdom I've learned from reading hundreds of clients over the past 5 years and you'll be glad you did.

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Specializing in predictive divination using Tarot, Playing Card Cartomancy, and Elder Futhark Runes. No sugar coating here! I’m direct, straight to the point, and honest in what I see psychically in combination with my tools. I take a look at the energies surrounding you and your concerns and questions in current time and how events and circumstances are likely to play out based on the energy that surrounds you. From there I help you to become aware of what may lie ahead and what you can do to shift things in your favor by providing advice and potential solutions to your concerns. Through the use of my skills I try to help those who genuinely want to help themselves and use the insight provided in a reading to make informed positive choices geared towards personal improvement. I encourage my clients to know what their questions and concerns are before coming into a session with me, be specific. 

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