Automatic Writing for Psychic Development

by Stefantastic

Automatic Writing for Psychic Development

Automatic Writing for Psychic Development

During the heyday of the spiritualist movement in the late 19th century, attempts to establish a rapport with those that have passed were all the rage. This was the era in which the Ouija board was invented and the middle and upper classes indulged in seances (some successful, most less so) in a bid to obtain a higher truth of one kind of another. At the time, it was (and to some extent still is) believed that the world of the spirits is not a static place but one where the souls of the departed continue to evolve. This in effect means that they may know something we don't and that getting in touch might mean discovering a secret or a form of wisdom higher than our own. Obviously, during the time, the question arose over how to most effectively receive the messages from beyond. Many methods were devised but one that gave the most freedom, speed of expression, and tangible results was automatic writing.

While normally engaging in communication with the dead requires an open mind, deep intuition and the ability to "sense" ideas instead of literally hearing them, oftentimes this will not work. For some spirits, a different approach is needed. This is particularly true of souls of those you never knew in life which are more likely to impart any sort of information only if you assume the role of a passive, receptive vessel, rather than that of an active conversation partner. In short, you need to act as a medium.

One of the ways to achieve this is automatic writing. Before you start, make sure to have a pencil and paper at hand. It is important to establish absolute peace and quiet both around you and in your own mind. During the seance, it might occur that your focus is so aligned that you are not always able to hold the pencil tight enough to create marks on the paper. You can use a piece of string to tie your writing tool of choice firmly in place, making sure not to keep it too tight around your hand as to avoid completely stopping blood circulation and causing your meditative trance to break.

Once you have that sorted, you can relax and assume the role of a passive observer of any thought process in your mind. Soon you will notice the forming of ideas slowing down and then disappearing one by one, leaving a blank state of consciousness that is ideal for receiving messages from the astral plane. Once you fall into this meditative state, this vague border between wakefulness and sleep, start moving your hand (or rather, your pencil) across the paper. Initially, few of the marks will make any sense. You won't exactly be conscious of what you're writing, being but a potential medium for another entity's thoughts and feelings. Don't expect any of it to make sense too soon. A few sessions may pass before any kind of spirit attempts to communicate with you. Only after a decent amount of practice might the writing become more clear and you be able to recognize words, sometimes even sentences from beyond. At other times, small doodles will appear, bearing their own symbolism. Be persistent and result will slowly come.

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Aug 18, 2017
by: Gerard

I found this inspiring, did you write this Automatically?


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