Baton Rouge Prediction

by Genie
(Ft.Lauderdale USA)

There is a man sitting in prison in Baton Rouge who did not kill the women that he was accused of killing. I dreamt for more than a month about this man was, what his connection to the women were and saw the murders through his eyes. I spoke to my attorney, a Miami DA formerly with the police, and a psychotherapist so it would be on record. This was six months before the murders took place. There was no info in my library and I had to ask for sleep medication because I was afraid of my dreams.

I see serial killers, predicted major disasters. Know the exact time of death of certain people. Have done many private readings since I am sixteen. I used my abilities to ace college courses when I did not study. I have the ability to interpret dreams and have the person redream the dream so they will never have it again. I can see people’s auras and can tell them if they have a physical problem and where it is. I have been haunted only one time. I have picked up on the most evil people. I will not use a Ouija board. I have given many private readings for parties. Other psychics know I am the real deal and refuse to do a reading for me.

I can be reached at genie6286 @ hotmail .com

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Feb 15, 2012
by: Tabitha

On the Dreamer's Project page could you please read my story Spooked by a Dream. I would love some insight. So far I have recieved none and this man hasn't been in my dreams since my last post. I could really use some help. Thanks :)

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