Birthday Numerology for Destiny and Life Path

How To Find Your Life Path with Birthday Numerology. Your soul needs these talents and gifts to complete its journey on earth. Numerology birthday numbers are most auspicious when choosing a vocation that will align you to your true destiny.

But how do you calculate your own numerological life path number?

I will show you by using singer-songwriter Taylor Swift's birth-date in this example.

Born: December 13, 1989

Month is 12 

Day is 13

Year is 1989

12 + 13 + 1989 = 2014. then add those individual numbers like this 2+0+1+4 = 7

Some add the numbers this way Month 12 (1+2=3) Day 13 (1+3=4) Year 1989 (1+9+8+9=27 & 2+7=9) Then 3+4+9=16 & 1+6=7  (You keep adding until number is a single digit unless you are a  master number 11, 22, or 33.)

Taylor Swift has a birthday numerology number of 7 which ever way you add it up.

Birthday Numerology Meanings

What does your life path number mean?

Let’s explore the NINE Birthday Numerology numbers. (Also known as Life Path Numbers)

You can use these meanings to throw light on, and keep you on track with, your own life path and destiny.

Birthday Number 1:

  • A natural leader, blessed with an original style, puts number 1’s above average. You stay within your integrity and aren’t influenced by what other people think. Number 1’s are frequently successful entrepreneurs or high-level executives. 

Birthday Number 2: 

  • Number 2’s are team players and good mediators as they are highly intuitive and can see both sides of the story. You are super-sensitive and susceptible to depression or mood-swings when someone hurts your feelings.

Birthday Number 3: 

  • Number 3’s are here to express creativity in an artistic manner. These are the writers, musicians, artists and so forth, who have no option other than to manifest their inner-visions for the world’s pleasure. 

Birthday Number 4: 

  • Practical, detail oriented, hardworking, organized and self-disciplined. You have innate management potential, but need to reign in your stubborn tendencies. You can also be rigid, preferring to do things the way they have always been done.

Birthday Number 5: 

  • Risk taker, extravagant, restless and glib communicator. Your talents are many, but you get bored once you master anything. You’d be happier with a vocation that doesn’t tie you down, as your free spirit yearns to for adventures.

Birthday Number 6: 

  • If ever anyone was born to serve, it’s those with number 6 energy. You have a deep, abiding love for others. Nurturing and compassion is second nature to you. Generous and kind to a fault, you have a unique way of seeing good in everybody. 

Birthday Number 7: 

  • Both logical and intuitive, 7’s are highly intelligent. You need alone time to replenish great amounts of energy you spend in social situations. You are a perfectionist. You excel in a career where you can control your schedule and work by yourself.

Birthday Number 8: 

  • Numerology birthday number 8’s are pessimistic loners, who seem miserable in their own skin. Yet, they possess a high potential for successful attainment in their chosen career. Because number 8 signifies financial abundance, wealth is their divine right.

Birthday Number 9: 

  • Number 9’s walk in big shoes. Born with the gift of greatness, these are the spiritual teachers, philosophers, world leaders. You have a potential for highly developed clairvoyance, which is most beneficial in your self-appointed role of humanitarian. You may use what you ‘see’ to make a difference.

The exceptions in this exercise come about if you are one of the Master Numbers

Birthday Numerology - Master Number Meanings

  • Master Birthday Number 11 (2) A highly intuitive number 2

  • Master Birthday Number 22 (4) An extra powerful number 4

  • Master Birthday Number 33 (6) The ultimate master of intuition and power added to number 6.

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