A Master Numerologist Who Can See The Romance In Your Name

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What is a master numerologist?

A master numerologist is someone who practices numerology at an advanced level and has gained expertise in the subject. Numerology assigns numerical values to letters in order to gain insight into your personality traits, life path, and future events.

I use my knowledge of numerology to analyze your name, birthdate, and other relevant information to create a comprehensive numerology reading. This reading can provide insights into your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, and potential future paths.

To become a master numerologist, one typically needs to study numerology extensively, develop a deep understanding of the various numerology systems and methods, and gain significant practical experience in analyzing and interpreting numerology readings. Some master numerologists also develop their own unique approach to numerology and may specialize in certain areas, such as business or relationships.

"Mastering the Numbers: The Art of Numerology"

As a master numerologist, I am quite profound,
I delve into numbers, and their secrets are found.
I add up your digits, and with great expertise,
I unlock your destiny, and your life's mysteries.

I'm like a wizard, with my calculator in hand,
I analyze your numbers, and help you understand,
The magic that lies within, the digits of your name,
And how they influence, your fortune and your fame.

I can tell you your strengths, and what you should pursue,
And guide you to success, in all that you do.
With my numerology skills, I'll help you find your way,
And make sure your future is bright, every single day.

Help from the Master Numerologist John ScaranoSumming up with the Master Numerologist John Scarano

Becoming a master numerologist was in my destiny.

 Having had the luck of being a young teenager in the 1960's I was exposed to the New Age revolution in the United States from its earliest beginnings. My older sister was intensely interested in the movement and she was critical in introducing me and our entire family to the study of metaphysics. When she brought home a little booklet about Pythagorean Numerology I was hooked from page one.

I had always had an unexplainable interest in the numbers 7, 16 and 25. And here in front of me now was the explanation for my attraction to those numbers! When I calculated the Destiny Number from my name I was really stunned to find out that I was a Destiny 7. So that explained why I was attracted to those numbers.

If you add the 1 and the 6 in the number 16 together it adds up to the simple number 7. The same thing occurs with the number 25. The simple numbers from 1 through 9 are the basis of Numerology. All numbers, with the exception of the three master numbers 11, 22 and 33, have to be broken down this way until you reach one of the simple numbers.

I realized right then and there that somehow I was conscious of the vibrational influence that the number 7 had over me. However, I couldn't say the same thing for the number that I calculated from my birth date. I was a Birth Force 9 and I did not feel its influence over me at all. That drove me to learn as much about those two numbers as I possibly could. Unfortunately, information on Numerology was very limited for a long time.

Learn From A Master Numerologist

How do I start learning numerology?

I was lucky enough to come across a copy of Dr. Juno Jordan's "Numerology: The Romance in Your Name" in 1984. She was the master numerologist who introduced this art to the Western world in 1961. And up until her death in 1984 she met yearly with prominent Numerologists in conference solely for the purpose of updating the Art and Interpretation of Pythagorean Numerology. 
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Eventually I developed my own Numerology worksheet that I use exclusively to make 7 different calculations. The first 3 are Core Numbers which are very influential over you. They are the Destiny Number, the Birth Force Number and the Heart's Desire Number. The other lesser calculations are the General Karma Number, The Karmic Debt Number, the Numbers in Your Name and the Personal Year Number.

I have performed hundreds of Numerology interpretations for people from all over the US and the world. They have benefited from these interpretations by realizing their prime motivating forces and their true potential in this lifetime. That became very important for me as I began to understand one of the strongest influences of my Birth Force Number 9. 

The 9 is the number of philanthropy and service to large numbers of people. I have been fortunate enough to fulfill the potential of that number many, many times over by making a significant difference in all of those hundreds of people's lives.

What motivates you and what your true potential is in this lifetime lies in the numbers of your legal name at birth and your birth date. I can assist you in realizing that potential. This is especially true if one or more of the Master Numbers appears in a core position in your chart.

Psychic Couple - John Scarano and Cheri Mancuso

John Scarano and Cheri Mancuso have worked together as a psychic couple for over 23 years.

Based in Sherman Oaks, California, Cheri reads for her regular, business and celebrity clientele. As a psychic detective she accepts police cases of finding missing persons. John, is a Psychic Tarot reader, a Master Numerologist, and a Natal Astrologer.

To learn more about John and Cheri you can visit their websites at CheriMancuso.com and JohnScarano.com 

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