Blackbird Omen

by Amanda M.
(Abbeville SC)

Blackbird Omen

Blackbird Omen

When I see more than one black bird in real life while awake, someone close usually dies. I have often had a rare heart-felt discussion (over the phone, etc.) with the person who dies, or something meaningful happens that I would've never have done before, days prior to the blackbird omen sightings and the following death. I never know who it will be, just that it will be. After their death, I am able to put it all together.

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May 03, 2017
blackbird encounter
by: richard

i didnt know there where such signs to begin with to be honest. but i will say my piece which has led me to your video in the past few hours i witnessed something running round in circles in my street in clear view i couldn't make out what it was for the love of life of me i watched it just running in circles trying to figure out what it could be as this was going on i saw a blackbird fly down and just sat on the wall outside my kitchen window just staring at me eye to eye didnt think nothing of it then i began again to try and make out what was running around in circles in my street because my view was from my kitchen in my studio flat so my view was limited then again the same exact blackbird no lie in the same spot and just looked at me this time for least 30-40 seconds i just froze in a sense it was really weird freaky infact just was then i looked away it was gone then i decided to get my phone for the camera to see if i could make out what this thing was in my street i came back into the kitchen looked it was not there then it popped up underneath my window running around a dam hedgehog i was expecting something a little more terrifying but t was cute tho :) anyway i decided to search google about this and here i am :)

Oct 15, 2007
Any more black bird omens out there?
by: ZorbaZiv

Interesting! I wonder if other people?s blackbird sightings have similar or different prophetic meanings. Perhaps other blackbird omens will be shared via this comments form.

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