Celebrity Predictions 2009 Part 2

by Lady Of Wisdom
(Philadelphia P.a)

Lady Of Wisdom/Desire'

Lady Of Wisdom/Desire'

I'm am the Lady of Wisdom, the owner, founder/ professional, clairvoyant psychic(Christian Gifted Psychics).I saw some more information in visions (clairvoyantly),about some different celebrities and some info about the same celebrities from my other page, part 1. Read this! Celebrity Predictions Part 2!

Singer Whitney Houston: She's going to make a comeback, release a CD, do some live shows, unfortunately even though she's expecting a major comeback from releasing a new CD. Her CD is not going to be a high seller because people are still viewing her as "a crack head". Even though, she's struggling with keeping herself clean and trying very hard! She's one of the greatest vocalists alive! Unfortunately, doing those drugs really "tainted" her career and reputation with all of her fans! She lost a lot of respect and her new music is not going to sell!

Rapper Kanye West: He's going to continue to explore a different genre of music, rock! He's going to be respected for being unique and creative. He's also going to keep changing his look and have a "goth", type of look! He has a new girlfriend that's from Philadelphia. He really cares for her and believes that she's genuine and very cool! He's planning on getting engaged again by the beginning of 2010.Unfortunately, his new girlfriend has a hidden agenda to boost her career! She seems very genuine but her motives are to "blow up" in the industry by using him!

Actors Jim Carey/Jenny McCarthy: Very happy, compatible, loving couple. They have amazing chemistry! They are going to get engaged this year 2009.Making wedding plans to marry by the beginning of 2010!

Singer Leona Lewis: She really admires Mariah Carey for her amazing vocal talent, success, ability the sell all number on hit records! Leona's admiration is going to turn into a deep obsession! She's going to slowly start changing her look to that "Diva" image that Mariah has! Her music videos are going to look identical to Mariah's. Leona has no identity of her own and her new found "ego" and "Diva" image is going to cause her to be exploited in the music industry! She's going to end up "hooking up" with men who are in the entertainment industry to gain more fame and also so she can follow Mariah's legacy of having a famous man! Unfortunately for Leona, it's going to lead to her being exploited and used and she's going to develop a "nasty" reputation in the industry! Also her boyfriend, fiancé is not going to marry her due to her hectic schedule, her new found "ego" as a rising "diva". Mariah Carey" wanna be" Leona wants to be Mariah and is lacking her own identity and purpose! Very sad!

Singer Chris Brown/Rihanna: I see that he's on performance enhancers, known as steroids! He's going to hit her again within the middle of 2009! Now, he already has deep, hidden anger issues, taking steroids is a very bad combination! I don't know if any of you heard of the famous wrestler from WWE, Chris Benoit, he's the one that murdered his wife, son, then himself by taking steroids! Very scary! Chris Brown needs a drug test for steroids!

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May 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

Will I ever be there?

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