Celebrity Predictions 2009

by Christian Gifted Psychic
(Philadelphia PA)

Lady Of Wisdom

Lady Of Wisdom

I have a few predictions for some major celebrities! Let me just point out. I don't read tabloids! Most of the times, it belies to make sales! I’m a gifted clairvoyant and I saw these predictions "visions"!

Singer Mariah Carey, my favorite singer, very gifted, beautiful voice! She’s married to Nick Cannon. I saw that their relationship is not equal! Basically, she’s controlling and overbearing! I see that Nick Cannon loves and adores her but she really gets on his nerves because she's very controlling and he's getting tired of it! By the end of this year "2009", they’re going to be having a lot of feuds, which can lead to a separation! If Mariah doesn’t stop treating Nick Cannon like a child! Understandable, she's older but please let the man breathe!

Rihanna and Chris Brown. Obviously everyone knows that he just got into big trouble for beating Rihanna! Both are equally talented and gifted! I "visually" saw him hitting her again. This isn't going to happen until April or May of this year "2009", which is not far away! Chris Brown has a lot of hidden anger issues deep down inside and he's raging out! He’s about to hit Rihanna again! Their relationship is another form of Ike & Tina Turner! Very dangerous!

Singer Leona Lewis, amazing voice, talented! I know that she has a boyfriend, fiancée'. I saw "visually" that he really has a problem with her hectic schedule! She’s not spending enough time with him! This is going to lead to a split between them! I see that they love each other but not spending enough time with each other which has already caused problems for them in the past and is going to cause a split by the end of this year 2009.

These are some of my predictions and I just want to document these!
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