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Clairvoyant Gentle Guidance

Cheryl Palomino has been giving professional Clairvoyant Gentle Guidance readings for over 25 years.

With a very high level of accuracy Cheryl enjoys a repeat client percentage of over 95%. “I am very honest and ethical. I only give my clients the accurate information that is sent to me. My psychic skills have been fine-tuned. I am able to read almost anyone at any time. My many years of training have provided me with the ability to give very accurate clairvoyant readings. I use many exercises to help me interpret what it is I am seeing, hearing, or feeling. And I can help my clients with many aspects of their lives”, is what Cheryl sees as the reason for such high repeat levels from her clients.

Cheryl’s ability to gently guide is a warm and comfortable skill. People are drawn to her ways and feel her openness and understanding. She will share all information to you and listen as you share with Cheryl. In no way judgmental, Cheryl uses a clear mind to help you in any way possible. By being a medium, she can communicate with others that have since passed. Together you can converse and get some reassuring answers. Clairvoyance and Gentle Guidance comes from Cheryl being well versed in many realms of the spiritual world.

Clairvoyant Gentle Guidance

The true love of Cheryl’s life is in being true to herself. She is very pleased when her clairvoyance helps others live a true life also and is very glad to assist anyone into finding and following that path. Her natural calling is to show direction and to guide you onto the path that is right for you. She believes that every one of us is intuitive and knows that some are more so and some just do not know how to handle or adjust it. She is here to help you find your journey and follow it and will share her insight and what information is acquired during her Clairvoyant Gentle Guidance readings. She knows just how to relay that to her clients. Her Clairvoyance and Gentle Guidance is resourceful and heartfelt and offers a life viewing and learning experience. Cheryl can help her clients see what they are looking to find. Honesty and accuracy allows her to present all of the information whether it is positive or negative. “I truly want my clients to get the whole picture from my Clairvoyant Gentle Guidance readings. This can be welcoming or yet difficult at times. The truth may not be what they would like to know but it is what I will always tell. I can help my clients to understand themselves as well as others better. This, I think is a very important and useful gift,” says Cheryl.  

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Psychic Cheryl Palomino

An Exceptionally Skillful Psychic – Cheryl’s Clairvoyant readings can shed light on the questions that are presented to her. Many years of experience has really molded Cheryl into giving the best readings she can possibly give with accuracy levels very high and her advising is clearly acknowledged. Her love of her work is the total satisfaction she, as well as her clients feel. She truly loves the opportunity to share in the growth of others and considers herself to be very lucky to be able to share in your life. (Not available at the moment)

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