Connecting With Your Higher Self Like A Medium To The Spirit World

You can start connecting with your higher self just like a psychic medium can connect to the spirit world. These are the mediumship steps I use to connect to the Spirit realms.

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4 Psychic Steps For Connecting With Your Higher Self

1 Grounding – Before you try connecting with your higher self like a psychic medium, the first essential detail is called grounding. Grounding doesn’t mean that you will fly away into the Ether if you don’t do it, however it is an important step to protect your physical body. Connecting with your higher self like I do with Spirit opens a doorway to another dimension. I just want to make sure that when I’m done, that door closes again, to some extent. To ground myself before a reading, I imagine that I anchor myself to the Earth. I shoot out a thick solid trunk from my tailbone and the bottom of my feet to the Earth. It’s sort of like a tree trunk. I even mentally hear the thunk! when the tether hits the ground. This is the easiest step.

Steps For Connecting With Your Higher Self

2 Positive Breath – I take deep slow breaths. I inhale positivity and exhale any negativity. With each breath taken in, I imagine golden white light from above filling my lungs and body. I exhale a brown cloud of negativity. This step reminds me of the scene in the Green Mile when Jon Coffee exhales all the sickness he takes away from those in pain.

3 Raising My Vibrations – Now I request contact. Everything is vibrating energy. While in the physical world we vibrate at a slower rate than our higher selves and those in spirit. Therefore, we need to raise our vibration and they need to slow theirs for communication to happen. Everybody has their own methods, but I remind myself of the love I have for all of life and humanity, and I feel it. I also ask for the message that is of the highest good and will bring about the most healing. Then I concentrate on the person that I want to communicate with. I either mentally say the name of the person, or I think about what they look like if I have a picture. When connecting with your higher self using this method you will set your intention and concentrate upon your HS in the same way.

4 Get out of Body - I need to separate from my own body. This is the hardest step, but most important step. I’ve done readings in which I’ve skipped this step, and they have not been as good with as many details. There are a few ways to do it, but I imagine that I am standing on my own shoulders. I feel love, peace, and joy. Then with love in my heart, I mentally say “Join me, friend”. When I am focused enough to see and hear them, I start asking questions and writing down the answers. Again, if psychically connecting with your higher self just make the appropriate adjustment by requesting your HS to join you. 

This entire process takes about 10 minutes of meditation.

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