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Connecting With Your Spirit Guides through Meditation

by Clear Guidance
(a Kasamba Spirituality Expert )

Spirit guides have one purpose - to support you as you discover the true meaning of your life. Your guide might be an angel, an ascended master, an animal totem or a loved one who has passed on. No matter what form your guide takes, you can rest assured that it is there to offer you unconditional love and guide you toward your fullest potential.

Many of my clients ask me how they can connect to their spirit guides. Empowering clients on their spiritual path is one of my favorite things to do. I remember how I first connected to my spirit guides on a profound level. As a university student, I would panic at exam time and my performance would suffer. A professor introduced me to meditation and deep breathing, and a connection with my guides began to emerge.

When you meditate on a deep level, you will be able to free yourself from your thoughts and feelings and focus on your intuition - the force that guides you and strengthens the connection with your spirit guides. By developing your intuition through meditation, you open up a communication channel for your spirit guides. They can then transmit the positive energy needed to help lead you toward an authentic life.

Deep meditation is a profound way to ensure a two-way connection between you and your spirit guides. Along with meditation, there must be an intention to heighten your sensitivity to the messages you will receive. You will learn to distinguish intuitive guidance from your imagination. As you do so, you will develop a bond of trust with your spirit guides. When you feel love, joy and vitality, and a sense that you are being coached to follow your heart, you will know that you have succeeded in communicating with your spirit guides.

There are many ways to go into meditation. One simple technique begins with setting aside 30 minutes of quiet time for yourself. Start to breathe deeply - breathe in and hold for three seconds, then exhale for three seconds. Continue to do this until you feel a sense of calm, almost as if you were drifting off to sleep. In this wonderful space of calm, you will look deeply within and find the very essence of your being. With some patience, practice and determination, you will meet your spirit guides and form a deep and lasting relationship that will benefit you throughout life.

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Feb 19, 2009
My Thoughts
by: Anonymous

I have never really been that into meditation myself because I seem to lack either the relaxation or concentration to remove myself from the world around me and simply meditate.



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