Spirit Retrieval: Understanding The Psychic Soul Healing Process

Spirit retrieval healing work is just not that clear cut. One problem is always connected to another, so diverse healing methods must be incorporated into the session. This causes it to be very hard to exclusively label any one session as being just "Spirit Retrieval" or just "Karma Clearing"...

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Spiritual Detachment is the releasing of your spirit or vital essence from your mind, body, aura, or spirit by deliberate intention. There are several main reasons why spirits fragment and detach themselves.

Soul Fragments: Parts of the soul can fragment as a result of:

  • Physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse.
  • Strong emotional distress.
  • Addictions of all types. 

Asking a spirit to sustain your life in a way that you cannot do it yourself the spirit then becomes so overwhelmed it detaches.

Understanding Spirit Retrieval

Reaction To Trauma

A spirit’s typical reaction to a traumatic event is to create distance or separation from it... even if that means giving up the bits and pieces of light, peace, power, consciousness, joy, memories, love, and relationships, that happen to be associated with that trauma. If a trauma is severe enough, this dissociative process may happen instantaneously... or if mild but recurring, a pattern may gradually build over a longer period of time... creating an ever-expanding schism in the soul. All such traumatic events (even those that occurred in a previous life or on another dimension) leave scars that affect the souls experience of the present, and if this spiritual illness is not helped with some form of this healing work, it can perpetuate far into the future.

Traumatic Experiences

A few examples of trauma symptoms that can cause part of the soul loss are:

  • physical, psychic and/or sexual abuse
  • excessive use of psychotropic drugs or alcohol
  • physical mental or emotional stress
  • the sudden loss of a friend or loved one
  • a severe physical accident or prolonged illness
  • lack of direction, meaning or purpose in life
  • an absence of support, nurturance, companionship, or love
  • loneliness, betrayal, failure, rejection, or abandonment
  • guilt, grief, depression, anger, fear, terror, or pain

Infinity Of The Space Time Continuum

Fractured off bits and pieces of the soul often get trapped and lost in some "past" or "future" multi-dimensional "timeline". A significant enough soul loss as this will impede the spirits ability to be fully "in the moment" and live in "present" time.

Co-Dependency - The Spirit Held For Ransom

There are many cases where it is not "where" or "when" a lost part of your spirit may reside, but in "who" such a soul part of us (either given up, projected or stolen) may be found lodged within another entity... held ransom to their slightest whim or fancy (see exorcisms). Your energies, even segments of your consciousness may then be incorporated into that being... only to be used and abused (this may be similar to what psychologists today describe as "co-dependency").

The Journey To Retrieve Your Spirit

Spirit journeys into the infinity of the space time continuum... into the hidden, dark, shadowy nether regions of the "Underworld"... into the timeless and remote dimensions of the "Dream Time"... collecting and returning to you those lost, split off, discarded, sold, abandoned, neglected, forgotten bits and pieces of yourself... your light, your wisdom, your knowledge, your power.... Etheric DNA restoration and rewiring occurs during this time of psychic healing, as your soul parts are reintegrated back into the matrix of its original pattern.

During a Spirit Retrieval, Spirit travels to where those bits and pieces of your Soul are lodged (be it in an entity, time, or space), and proceeds to free them up so they may be returned and reintegrated into your one being.

Escapists And Opportunists

It is in the nature of the universe to abhor a vacuum (even a spiritual energetic one). Thus, when we fracture, isolate, divest, scatter, or separate ourselves from our spirit, in its place (in those areas we vacate and leave open), we will attract the energies and consciousnesses of other beings and forces who, like us, are seeking an escape to spaces outside their own self. By abandoning our own personal spaces, whoever or whatever moves in to take our place, can do with it what they will (even if it is not pleasant or nice). One may then feel under constant pressure or attack... or it may seem like our life is not our own (and in a very real sense this is so).

Understanding Spirit Retrieval Work

What Is Spirit Retrieval?

  • Spirit retrieval is a process of rescuing the lost soul back from where it has wandered. But there is a lot more involved in this psychic healing process. Experienced soul retrievers (shamanic practitioners) will work in the metaphysical realms to bring the lost and fragmented souls back to their clients.

Clearing Your Internal Space

Your Spirit Self cannot return to full integration if there is anything foreign occupying those spaces where your soul originally belonged (light and dark cannot occupy the same space - one or the other must give).

Spirit retrieval work thus necessarily involves the removal or clearing of all energies and consciousnesses that don't belong in your personal space (all that "stuff" seriously blocks the reintegration process). This psychic energy healing and clearing usually requires a lot of hard work (a lot of sessions), for we typically get quite attached to our stuff and do not readily or willingly want to let it go (even if what returns to take its place will make us happier and more whole).

How Much Spirit Retrieval Work Is Needed?

How much spirit retrieval healing work you need depends on a number of factors. - How much of your spirit is separated from you? Some people’s spirits are just a little off their bodies... while others are seriously scattered throughout time and space.

Spirit Retrieval Work is Subtle

Though Spirit Retrieval mostly occurs on the higher dimensions of energy and consciousness... it does resonate with and have a latent effect on the lower self and the physical body. But, generally speaking, psychic energy healing of the soul can be very subtle work that is (for many people) very hard to feel (at least initially). However, if you receive enough sessions, sooner or later you will notice the differences. Some people sense the shifts right away, others a few days or weeks later. Typically, when it comes to our own stuff, we are usually the last to notice any changes. If you are in doubt, ask someone else (who is more objective) to give you feedback. In any event, whether you are aware of it or not, if you do this type of psychic healing work you will be changed.

The results of doing soul retrieval can be like switching from a small antenna to satellite - surfing along with your remote control you suddenly discover you have access to all these new channels. In other words, Soul Retrieval unleashes hidden treasures (or channels) of the soul that have been locked away... so what has been previously out of mind and out of reach is now present in your energy and consciousness. Whether you are aware of this in the moment is not the concern - but it will be there when you truly need it.

It would be nice if everyone received dramatic spiritual energy healing experiences to rally their faith around this work (in certain cases, this "proof" is provided) but indicators of immediate results may be a bit more difficult to track since anything to do with the spirit (especially spirit retrieval healings) typically affect a being on levels that are often so far removed from their physical spatial awareness. This does not discount the importance of this healing - it still fills an essential role in completing your being. Like a jigsaw puzzle or chemical formula... sometimes the addition of one piece or ingredient makes all the difference to your wholeness.

About Spirit Retrieval Healing Work.

An Image Of The Absent Spirit

When you remove a picture that has been on the wall for years, you notice the faded paint in silhouette. When lost fragments of the Spirit are absent, you may sense an empty space in your energy field - there is the feeling "something is missing from my life"... but you might not know what it is. This is the image of your Spirit - it is (or was) a "Grand Palace”, but now looking through its windows, you only see empty rooms.

The Spirit is like this elaborate crystalline matrix floating around one’s head. Some points and branches well developed with facets the color of the rainbow... others not so, some even missing. There could be tens, hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of these points and branches in a spirit’s matrix... yet as long as one is undeveloped or missing, the whole is somehow out of balance. Like an incomplete jig saw puzzle - the final image may be hinted at (if enough of the pieces are present), but what remains is the feeling "something is missing" and "there must be more".

Spirit retrieval work returns the missing pieces of the self to where they once were, as the empty rooms of one’s inner being fill in, and the light of the self starts to shine stronger and stronger through the "windows" (eyes) of the soul.

From inside the rooms or "chambers" of the Spirit, there are many windows where one can peer into other dimensions. There are also many doorways where one can ascend or descent into other dimensions... because once entered, each dimension will be experienced as a unique energy and with a unique consciousness, each holding sacred knowledge and hidden mysteries. The more a person can open up to one’s multi-faceted multi-dimensional self (having access to all of one’s soul branches or rooms) the more one can also be of greater service to the whole (in ways unique to you).

We are like enormous mansions... for some, there are neglected rooms waiting to be restored to their original splendor. Out of fear (or was it ignorance) some of these rooms have been closed off with steel shutters and locks, keys thrown far away or lost. Who knows what treasures lay inside? Too long to remember... but isn't psychic energy healing something of a mystery worth exploring?

Guest Post by Sophi Reunite Lovers

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